Collections In The House!

Greetings from the Reckless Crew!!!


Here are some indie singles we bought in this week:


This week has been mega busy. I went to three collections this week – Harrow, Richmond and Holland Park. I’ll go through it for you:

  1. The Harrow collection consisted of tonnes of classic rock (lots of duplicates of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath etc). This also included a whole bunch of less expensive titles by artists like Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley, Neil Young etc. There were also a whole bunch of great singles from artists like the Small Faces, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd etc. The nice bloke whose collection it was had three massive dogs, and they were very friendly. I mainly went as on the list they mentioned Juicy Lucy and T2 but they turned out to be reissues. The T2 LP is seriously good if you do not know it.

2) The Richmond collection was a nice start to the day. I got their early and got a doughnut from the Bakers by Kew Gardens which I highly recommend. The lady who owned the records was really nice and had loads of cats (which I am very allergic too!!). The collection was a mixture of classic rock (Stones, Beatles etc) and Mod, Rock n Roll, The Smiths etc. There were also around 50 Rockabilly singles, we played some in the shop – they were ripping. We also bought a mini record player that is out in the shop right now! If you like The Jam or The Style Council – we have it all right now.

3) The Holland Park collection was very last minute (and we were still knackered from the weekend!), but turned out ok! Plenty of rare Madonna, Todd Rundgren, Michael Jackson, Boney M etc. Lots of Japanese CDs, promos, MFSL LPs etc. He also had a few signed items such as CDs by Paul MCartney and Amy Winehouse and a signed LP by Elton John.

We also bought in hundreds of indie singles this week (see top pic!). With titles from The Fall, Bonnie Prince Billy, Cocteau Twins, The Mekons, Gang Of Four, Sonic Youth etc. Our 45 guy was in over the weekend and smashed out loads of singles. Plenty of rarities out!

We were also sold a nice batch of Metal, Punk and Hardcore reissues last week, which consisted of titles from Nihilist, Blitz, SS Decontrol, Attak, The Last Resort, The Misfits etc.  Some really nice titles there, and all sealed!

On the dance side, they have been purely trying to fill up the racks again after reductions. So the storage was aided and tonnes of rare Hardcore and Jungle went out, some classic Soul LPs, a large stack of UK Garage (a load of UKG was also sold in this week), some nice Jazz and plenty of new Techno and House (which was sold in by someone from Resident Advisor).

The CD crew were up doing a late last night to try and get through the huge amount of rare cds that they have bought in recently. So plenty of new cds will be going out this morning – from Psych to Jazz to Pop rarities – we got them rn.

We have a few more collections coming in this week, and quite a few pop ins booked. So hopefully we will have plenty of new stock going out over the next few weeks. Hold tight.

In the wake of seeing Insurgency last week at I’ll Die If I Want Too here is a list of Ten metal bands that get me going mental:

  1. SADUS
  3. SODOM