Getting ready for Record Store Day!!

Happy Easter from the Reckless Crew!


Its been crazy at Reckless this week, there has been so much buying (collections and walk-ins) and that coupled with the orders for Record Store Day means we are drowning in vinyl.  Its gonna be a big one next week – and we are going to make sure we have some really special records in the racks. We’ve been holding back some super rarities to put out on Saturday. From rare UK Jazz to hardcore punk singles to classic WOF 90s titles (with everything in-between). Below is a track from one of the super rare titles we will be putting out this week:


OK, time to go through the collections that we bought this week. Firstly Sean went to a collection that included a full run of Steve Reich LPs. This included a lot of signed titles. These will not last long. They are in super nice condition. This is a dream come true for anyone into minimalism.

We had a nice pile of titles by The Damned (and solo) come in this week. This included some of their rarities (singles, coloured vinyl, signed etc) – as well as some of their more common (but still wicked) lps. The Damned always deliver.


For the Bristol massive we have a full run of Bandulu hand screened twelves. If you know about Kahn & Neek and the Bristol sound you know how rare these are. Not only that but they absolutely destroy. Two of the best producers out there if you ask me. Badman City. These do not turn up in second hand record shops.


We have been getting some really clean Beatles LPs in recently too, all first press, and all in at least VG+ condition (most of them are in EX). This is pretty unusual as Beatles LPs are usually pretty partied. So if you are in the market for clean classic albums. We have them. Well we do right now but they wont be there next week.

Had quite a few random nice titles come in this week too. We got a proper JA copy of Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Corn Bread by Lee Perry, LPs by William Basinski and Loren Connors, loads more new techno by artists like Ekman, MGUN and Joy Orbison and even more 90s Rap.

We have a few staff gigs this week – Brainiac 5 play The Railway Hotel in Southend on Saturday with Tuppenny Bunters www, for details.

Plus The Lowest Form play Berlin “Nothing Nice To Say” Festival this weekend with Crazy Spirit, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, Chain Of Flowers etc.

If you are in Folkestone Kent please make sure you check out the amazing Hot Salvation Record shop – its great and highly recommended from us at Reckless!

You should also check out the new Helm 12″ on TTT. Its great!

OK this weeks Top Ten list is from Nightwave!!!


top 10 ravey tunes in no particular order

  1. In Sync – You’ve Got To Love Me
  2. Acen – Trip II The Moon
  3. Rhythm Quest – Closer To All Your Dreams
  4. Rachell Wallace – Tell Me Why
  5. N.R.G – Trip Switch
  6. Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows
  7. Tom & Jerry – The One Reason
  8. Renegade – Terrorist
  9. Swift & Zinc – X-Rated
  10. The Moog – Rush Hour

Huge list – love all them thanks Maya!!!

Check out some her new tunes ere: