Sunny Business



We had plenty of nice bits come in this last week, including a few big collections. It was nice to get out of London in the sun even if most of the day was spent in an attic going through Boogie 12’s. So firstly, Scott and Toru went to a big Soul collection, around 3000 LPs. It was a nice mix of classic Soul and Funk, Fusion, Disco/Boogie and a bit of Latin. Some of the more choice titles were from The Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Weldon Irvine, Cymande, James Brown etc. By the looks of the collection, a lot of it was a little tatty. But it will be priced accordingly.

Yesterday we bought in a wicked pile of 90s wall of fame Rap and RNB. These were in lovely condition and mostly all in shrink with Hype stickers. They are a mix of LPs and 12″s, and are all bangers. Expect titles from Mobb Deep, Cypress Hill, Brandy, Nice & Smooth, Ice Cube, Aaliyah, Snoop Dogg etc.


On Saturday we bought in some super nice classic rock records. Really clean 60s and 70s pressings from artists like The Beatles, Groundhogs, Joni Mitchell, Black Sabbath etc. So the wall has a lot more colourful psychedelic covers on it to roll with the hot weather. Take a trip baby!

Towards the end of last week we bought in a small but decent collection of Latin and Brazilian titles. The lucky seller had found them all in a charity shop! This included titles from artists like Jorge Ben, Joyce, Caetano Veloso etc. there were some really nice records in the collection, and ones we don’t get everyday.

Yesterday I bought in a huge pile or records from an old friend of mine. The collection consisted of tonnes of beatdown hardcore, 90s hardcore, UK Garage/Grime, Synth music and Nu Disco! There were some really great hardcore titles in there from giants such as Rorschach, Ire, Unbroken, Catharsis etc. Some really unusual bits, that just don’t come into the shop much.

On the CD side – they did reductions this week. So tonnes of CDs (especially jazz cds) have gone out in a CD sale. We were selling 20 cds for £3. There are so many bargains to be had. Plus there will be so many cheap cds going out over the next month or so as we have just moved out a load out of storage. Good titles, not rubbish, just cheaper. For example there will be tonnes of Blue Note cds (in unplayed condition) going out for £2 each.

Our very own Brainiac Five are playing this week at the Gunners, make sure you get yourself down there!!!unnamed-1.jpg

This weeks Top Ten we have is from the mighty John Gilbert of Pop Punkers TV Crime!!! TV Crime are a wicked new band that did their first EP on Static Shock Records. John has been in loads of bands and is one of my oldest pals.


  1. Joy Division – Here are the Young Men “What a dickhead. Get’s to pick a top ten on some record nerd blog and he picks out bloody Joy Division. They good are they? what a revelation.” You’ve probably heard this band before. If you’re a fan but you’ve not heard any of the live recordings, they’re worth your time. The live versions of “I Remember Nothing” are particularly crushing.
  2. Silver Apples – Contact Always a bit surprised how many people are unaware of this classic band. They’re a bit of a surprise if you’ve not heard them before, especially considering the time frame. I like this LP of their’s the best as I think it’s the most emotive one.
  3. Death In June – The Guilty Have No Pride I’m not really bothered about their later material, but this thing’s pretty bonkers. I imagine DiJ have got some pretty dodgy fans, but I’ve never seen Douglas P as a nazi so much as a gay man with some dubious fetishes.
  4. Harry Partch – Delusion of the Fury Harry Partch was a composer of microtonal music. He had 40 notes in his scale as opposed to the usual 12. It’s pretty dissonant.
  5. Darkthrone – Under a Funeral Moon I love the production on a lot of black metal records, that whole recorded in a cave with icicles hanging from your beard thing. Weird levels and EQs that abstract a lot of the heavy metal conventions. Darkthrone were particularly deliberate with these things; buried drums, long pauses between songs, repetition. Smart band making smart music. ….Satan.
  6. Machine Woman – I Can Mend Your Broken Heart Probs my most listened to techno release of the last year or so. I crashed my car to this recently, and I’ve not had a single match on Tinder since seeing her on there a couple of months ago. I dread to think what kind of bad luck Machine Woman will bring me in the future, but I’m going to try and keep listening.
  7. Crazy Spirit – Burning Churches Hardcore punk’s been a staple for me since I was like 14 or something. The last 5 or so years have thrown up as many gems as any time I remember. So here’s a modern record that sounds as tuneful, shambolic, energised and eccentric as a classic of the genre is supposed to sound.
  8. Burning Witch – Towers Sludge/Doom metal/whatever’s crap these days isn’t it. Going on about valve amps and “the riff” got boring a long time ago. I love this record though. It’s got riffs, but it’s also got songwriting and a legit atmosphere of foreboding that makes it still sound fresh some 20 odd years later.
  9. Akira OST I like a good soundtrack, and this one’s got a load of wheezing and chanting in it.
  10. Iron Maiden – Somewhere in Time Always had a soft spot for this one, even if it is supposed to be one of the weaker Maiden albums. It was written in the wake of the band’s mammoth World Slavery Tour, which was 18 months long with no breaks, I’m not sure if they had a single night off. Anyway, on return home, emotionally shattered Bruce Dickinson apparently didn’t come out of his house for like 6 months or something. And then they come back with all these songs about despair, dislocation, regret and redemption. I think it’s probably their most personal moment and would put most of your alt country types to shame. “Wasted Years” could be covered endlessly in any genre and still be great. Plus “Alexander the Great” is one of the greatest history lesson come Wagnerian pompfest’s you’ll ever hear.

Thanks John!!!!!!!!!

Check out TV Crime here: