This is a TEST!

Oi! from Reckless.


Another super busy week – I guess a lot of people have just been paid as suddenly all out most expensive items in the shop have sold! Some really nice records went out this week – so much nice Jazz in particular. All of the Blue Note titles we put out have been flying out. Lets hope we can get you some more!

Talking of Jazz – here is footage of an incredible Jazz performance:


So luckily we are going to be able to replenish the jazz racks. This is because we just purchased an insane collection. We bought a pretty large collection from a lady who used to cut records for a living. Luckily she worked for a pretty cool pressing plant which dealt with some very, very good labels. The collection consisted of around 500 titles, around half of those were Test Pressings. Quite a few were finished Tests with the original sleeves. Luckily for us, her and you she had cut loads of British Jazz titles.



In the picture above are four seriously good UK Jazz titles. There are plenty more in this collection. On the Jazz front alone there more big hitters from Michael Garrick, Henry Lowther, Max Roach, Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Blossom Dearie, Herbie Hancock and many more. unnamed-2.jpg

Imagine finding a test press of Cold Mountain by Michael Garrick? As well as the super large Jazz titles there were plenty of other interesting titles. From high end 60s classical to rare Cat Stevens, to obscure Soul. There were even several early (and incredibly rare!) Barbara Dickson titles. Also of note was an Acetate of New York, New York by Frank Sinatra. It was a real one-off collection and we feel really lucky to have been able to have purchased it. I’m personally super happy to have some British Jazz in the racks as some of my favourite records of all time fall under that category. Mike Westbrook in particular; here is one of my favourite Mike Westbrook tracks:

In the last few days we have had loads of Classic Rock being sold in. All fairly clean and mostly first pressings. The records have come from various sources but are all in pretty decent shape. This morning was spent pricing up titles from artists like Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Eagles, The Electric Light Orchestra, Brian Eno, Jimi Hendrix, Roxy Music etc. Around 300 classic rock titles have come in over the weekend and Monday so if you need a decent copy of an all time favourite nows the time!

We had a lot of nice House come in over the weekend as well. It was a mixture of originals and represses (but with a lot of rare titles). There were some pricey Larry Heard 12″s, some hard to find Sotofett and even some fairly scarce Carl Craig. Plenty of decent 12s, you know if they are for you and you know where to come for them.

We had even more Minimal bits in this week too – from all the right artists (Villalobos, Luciano et al). Some really rare ones in here, some of the Romanian titles.

Its worth observing Villalobos in session below:


We also had some nice original Fela Kuti titles in, some rare Beatles, some Punk and Mod. Plus loads of nice singles!!! I’d get down soon if I were you!!!

This weeks Top Thirteen is from the Musical Terrorist Oliver Fay AKA Lowkey or as he asked to be called “Oliver Fay (((LowKey))), lover, raver, brawler, hater, prince of the dancefloor! 😉


1) Gabi Delgado – Mistress

2) Arca – Reverie

3) Croation Amor – Love means taking action

4) Kamixlo – Bloodless Y

5) 5TARBOI – Red Eyez

6) Elklink – Farm Stories

7) Helm ‘Cryptography III’

8 ) Inga Copeland – a&e

9) Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsam

10) Franco Battiato ‘Agnus’

11) YAYOYANOH – Miss Lady

12) COIL – The Anal Staircase

13) Soda Plains – She Has All Kinds of Temperatures

Thanks Oli you’re the best!!!!!