The Start of Summer

As the clocks go back and the sun starts shining everything at Reckless Records churning on. Unknown.jpeg

This week we had several major purchases. Yesterday we bought over 3000 cds from a local business. It was a fantastic purchase (despite bing up four flights of stairs!). The collection was all pretty cool – it consisted of Numero compilations, Phillip Glass soundtracks, heavy Psych compilations (including some really rare ones), Disco compilations, tonnes of Exotica (Arthur Lyman, Martin Denny etc), loads of cool indie rock (Animal Collective, The Shins, My Bloody Valentine etc), Ambient cds – like I said it was a pretty cool pile of cds. These were nearly all in unplayed condition so should be pretty going out quickly.

Next up – more new House and Techno! We bought another huge pile (way over a thousand titles) of good new bits. This included titles from people like Shed, Marcel Dettmann, Levon Vincent. This was similar to the pile of new House and Techno that we bought last week but less lo-fi and a bit more Berghain. There were some records in there that were really expensive on Discogs – as well as titles with hundreds of wants but nobody selling. These are getting priced up way below average selling on Discogs – so come grab a bargain (and please bear in mind that these are flying out!).


Look at all of it!!

We had another decent pile of Blue Notes in this week as well (from a different seller this time). These were all older US issues, some first press (including a nice first issue of Dexter Gordon “Go”) with the little Ear, Van Gelder stamp etc. There were some seriously nice titles in there, from all the greats. Its pretty unusual for a shop in the UK to get so many Blue Note titles in so I highly doubt they will last long.

Towards the end of last week we had (and sold very quickly!) a German copy of the Walrus LP; a massive Prog Rock opus. Heavy on the horns, and with some serious funky organ and drums it was no wonder it sold so quickly. We’ve had a very prog week – this got several spins in the shop along with Caravan and Daevid Allen.

Next up we bought some interesting Japanese LPs this week. This collection included titles from Mariah, Akiko Yano, Seaside Lovers, Dip In The Pool etc. Lots of nice titles, several of these sold very quickly as you can imagine. A lot of these were sadly missing their OBIs and were in roughly VG condition but nice things nonetheless as these don’t generally turn up in UK record shops.

We restocked all of our Static Shock and La Vida Es Un Mus titles too this week which means we have titles from killer bands such as Belgrado, Career Suicide, Arms Race, Hard Skin, The Lowest Form, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads etc.

This weeks Top Ten is from the fantastic actress Finn Atkins (famous for her fantastic roles in The Bronte Sisters, Eden Lake, Common, Once Upon A Time In The Midlands etc). Thanks Finn!!!!!!


  1. Skyy – call me
  2. Willie Hutch – brothers gonna work it out (the words in this are so relevant at the moment!!)
  3. Curtis mayfield – move on up
  4. Roy Ayers – sunshine
  5. Aaliyah – anything and everything but particular favourite is ‘One in a million’
  6. Eve – who’s that girl
  7. Tourist trap – 11:11 (guy gerber and David k remix)
  8. Michael Jackson – workin day and night
  9. Prince – Time
  10. DJ Koze remix – operaton