When Jazz and Techno are no longer enough

Hello from the Reckless Crew and welcome to the weekly run-down of whats been coming in to the shop.


We had some really big purchases this week; and the quality was incredibly high. Firstly we bought around 300 Jazz titles. The collection was purchased from one of our regular customers who has been buying from us for years and included mostly Nr Mint Japanese Blue Note titles. This included titles from Lee Morgan, Wayne Shorter, Blue Mitchell and many more. Our Jazz specialists are going to try and get a load of these out this week. They will sell very quickly.

We also bought in a large collection of House and Techno this week. This was mostly records from late 90s to now. The collection included a lot of contemporary artists (but out of print titles). So expect to see a lot of L.I.E.S., DJ Bone, Actress, Legowelt etc. These titles are in great shape too.

Just yesterday (yes we are open on Sundays!) I bought in a huge collection. The collection was made real mix but consisted of some very rare and sought after titles. From Congo Natty to Bob Downes to Citizens Arrest to King Tubby – and everything in between. The collection also included a signed original copy of Black Sabbath “Paranoid” and an original copy of the Small Faces “Ogdens Nut Gone Flake”. There were also around 20 original US James Brown 7″ singles.

We had some nice Reggae titles come in this week. On one day we bought three really good stacks of reggae records which was nice. Our reggae specialist was in yesterday and priced up titles from The Upsetters, Misty In Roots, Gregory Isaacs, Culture, Dub Specialist etc. There were also quite a few On-U Sound titles (the more Dub titles). Check out the Doctor Pablo version of the Doctor Who theme song below:

The purchases on the CD side have also been through the roof. Several days last week our CD buyers were literally buying all day long. Some very interesting collections came in last week. Lots of nice Hip Hop, Jazz and Punk stuff especially. We still have some of the Grateful Dead “Dicks Picks” in store although they have been flying out almost as quickly as they they get put out! We are due to purchase a large Death Metal collection today which we are very much looking forward to. The list is most excellent.

This week several of us will be going to see Wolf eyes – which has such a great line up – Mumdance, Guttersnipe and Gizmo. We hope to see you there!


OK! This weeks Top Twelve list is from Charles from The Brainiac 5 and Reckless Records! Thanks Charles!


  1. The Rascals: Peaceful World
  2. Quiver: Quiver
  3. The Brainiac 5: Journey To X
  4. Gladiators: Trench Town Mix Up
  5. Robbie Basho: Song Of The Stallion
  6. John Fahey: Days Have Gone By
  7. Charlie Nothing: The Psychedelic Saxophone Of…
  8. Eddie Henderson: Sunburst
  9. Spontaneous Music Ensemble: The Source (From & Towards)
  10. Sun Ra: Astro Black
  11. The Trio (John Surman): The Trio
  12. Roscoe Mitchell/Tony Marsh/John Edwards: Improvisations