No Worries In The Dance

Yo! Its been a bit hectic at Reckless this week as loads of us were off (Copenhagen, Antwerp and Edinburgh) – and theres also been a tonne of buying. Hats off to the skeleton staff over the weekend!


OK lets go over some of the bits that have come in this week. Firstly; we bought around 2500 really good Drum n Bass/Jungle 12″s from a pirate radio DJ. Theres are nearly all test presses or promos. The collection is absolutely solid. Its very much 93-98 and includes all Street Beats, Source Direct, Photek, Total Science, Tango, Intense, Basement Records, Certificate 18, Rugged, LTJ Bukem etc. Most of the records are also in fantastic condition, and with all info sheets etc. This is a great haul, and we were really happy to give the guy a serious wedge for them. There will also be a tonne of cheaper titles (later Moving Shadow, drum n bass mixes on rib 12″s etc) going out this week. This collection was a total godsend, and features so many hard and banging tunes to destroy your stereo.

On the rock side we had an absolutely wicked collection of really good off-the-wall titles. This was a pretty big (couple of hundred) collection which featured: Krautrock, Soundtracks, Exotica, Musique Concrete, Folk, “World”, Post Punk etc. A really nice collection (and a little bit tatty, but not too bad). There were some really, really nice titles in there that were super obscure such as titles on the Sain label, the folk comp 49 Greek Street (round the corner from us!), Nic Jones, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Can etc. You get the idea! Loads of the titles have gone out already so I’d get in as soon as you can.

A few nice random titles have also come in on the Dance side; but a nice mix. Bits by DJ Fettburger, Carl Craig, Marvin Wright, Legowelt, Jill Scott etc. Also a few reggae bits have come in, including First Case by the Investigators.

Some nice reissues of classic US Punk titles came in yesterday. Really clean, official, colour vinyl pressings of artists like Patti Smith, Devo, The Stooges (plus also The Who, The Fall, The Clash etc). Maybe take a minute to listen to how good The Stooges were.

As always this is just a small rundown of whats come in. Keep checking our Instagram to get more of an up to date idea of whats in. We still have loads more Jungle, Rap, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock and 45s to get through.

Graham Lambkin, a shop favourite and a Kent legend, is playing at Cafe Oto this week – don’t miss it.


This week we have a Top Ten from one of a favourite customers (who also buys top quality bits) Nottinghams’ Andrew Nitek!


Although Andrew buys across the board (from Japanese Hardcore to Reggae to Psych) he’s gone for a Disco/Boogie list! Thanks dude!

  1. Dunn Pearson Jr. – Groove on Down. Shyrlden Records 1978
  2. Bobbi Humphrey – Baby Don’t You Know. Uno Melodic 1982
  3. Universal Robot Band Band – Barely Breaking Even (Club Version). Moonglow 1982
  4. Rare Pleasure – Let Me Down Easy. Cheri Records 1976
  5. Eighties Ladies – Turned On To You. Uno Melodic 1981.
  6. Inner Life – Moment Of My Life. (Extended Version). Salsoul 1982.
  7. B.T. (Brenda Taylor) – You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too. West End Records 1982.
  8. Conway & Temple – Love Lights (You Can Lay Your Head On My Shoulder) Old Town 1982.
  9. Clyde Alexander & Sanction. Got To Get Your Love. Heavenly Star Records. 1980.
  10. Cloud One – Atmosphere Strut (New Disco Version – Remix). Parts 1 & 2. Queen Constance 1979