More UKG, loads of Tapes and nice heavy Rap lps

Pretty bonkers week over at Reckless this week. Super busy and Oxman and Toru played a few absolutely killer gigs. Toru with Rory Milanes, Will Bankhead etc. He smashed out some killer house and techno that got the crowd going mental. Ox played a Studio One special for the Deptford Dub Club on Saturday and really put on a great show. Some of us also went to see Ben from MVEs band Trimdon Grange Explosion which was apparently wicky.

OK, first thing, we got bucketloads more UK Garage this week. Few people brought in some decent piles. All across the board but a few more nice Confetti bits and some more obscure stuff too.

Biggest pile of stuff sold in this week was actually a load of tapes. But they have been flying out. There were some proper cool ones in there; and a really nice mix; Schooly D, Fela Kuti, Dead Kennedys, Shop Assistants, Augustus Pablo, Naked City, The Melvins etc. Defo worth checking out if you still have a tape player in the motor!!! Hopefully someone will bring us in some Old Skool mix tapes soon.

We had a pretty large pile of Newish House & Techno come in as well – Sound Signature bits, Paranoid London, Rezzett etc. All in great nick and priced to sell.

A regular seller popped in today with a few decent singles – and luckily for us some 45s by The Shadow Ring. I proper love The Shadow Ring, and their solo stuff. Good to hear absolutely mental music coming from Kent. One of these singles was hand numbered out of 30 copies. To me they sound like if The Fall were from Dover and were just proper hammered and way more nuts.

Just to add to the huge Rap ops that are already on the wall (Big L, Thug Life etc) we had a super rare 2Pac LP and a few nice Gang Starr LPs. We also put out some really nice Rap 45s from Mantronix, T La Rock, Big Daddy Kane, The 45 King etc.

Load more really great stuff going out everyday – today I put out like 60 indie/punk/metal LPs (from artists like All Night Radio, Fu Manchu, John Cage etc). So always worth checking out whats in the New Arrivals!


This weeks Top Ten is from “The Scottish Selector”, the wickedest Fergus Clark of 12th Isle.


1. AM4 – Streets and Rivers

2. Bene Gesserin – On Protege Bien Les Requins

3. Ed Hartman – In the Woods

4. John Beltran – Collage of Dreams (Outro)

5. Peter Zummo – The Tape is Chill

6. Ask Your Hands – Ask Your Hands

7. Barbieri Fabri – Perceval

8. Anton Heyboer – Solution Is Not Possible

9. Grupo Raizes – Cantoria de Fogueira

10. Elodie Lauten – Sunrise

Thanks Ferg!!!!!