Vinyl Business

Yo! Here is another blog where I tell you about all of the interesting things that have happened at Reckless the week before. We had so many wicked records in this week to be fair so theres plenty to read about if you like records.


OK, to start for some reason we have had loads of Blue Note titles being sold in this week from several different sellers. Some really nice titles too, from Blue Mitchell to John Coltrane. Probably the nicest one I saw was “Into Something'” by Larry Young but I haven’t properly gone through them yet.

Tom and me went to a collection in South London last week and bought around 3000 records and cds. The guy was super nice and was carving green men from wood in his work space in the garden whilst we went though his (partied) records. It was a really banging collection though – across the board but had heavy sections from Johnny Thunders/Heartbreakers, loads of Acid Techno, Grunge, Drum n Bass/Jungle and even some more Downtempo / Breaks titles. Quite a bit will be out for pretty cheap as they were pretty partied but actually a lot of the more pricey titles were fine. There were some really nice obscure UK Techno titles in there that go for some pretty hefty dough. Some of the Drum n Bass was really sick too, with titles from Dom & Roland, Intense, Doc Scott etc. There was also a fair bit of hardcore – and a bit of Gabba which is cool because we never get that kind of stuff in. I think the most sought after LP was the Elektroids LP on Warp (which is seriously such a good LP). One of us had it, four of us really wanted it, but we are putting it out because otherwise whats the point! Its a bit played but plays totally fine and sounds proper on our stereo.

All fo a sudden we seem to have tonnes of Instrumental Hip Hop lps too – loads of different stuff, all pretty sought after. In that pile was also an original Donuts from Dilla which is pretty dope.

This nice geezer came in one morning with a bag full of singles that he’d got down the skip. I spent ages going through the bag trying to get rid of all the worthless bits and managed to give the bloke a large amount of cash for a few singles. In there were titles by O Level, Anti Nowhere League, Alton Ellis, Prince Buster, Disco Zombies, The Outcasts, Seventeen etc. Mostly post punk I guess with a bit of Power Pop an a few decent reggae titles (that were pretty mashed up sadly). This bad boy was in there (but I believe it has already sold):

We’ve also had all the usual classic rock stuff coming in – its literally pouring in. If you need any Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, David Crosby, Captain Beefheart, Grateful Dead and all that ilk we have it big time.

Had some pretty major CD collections come in this week too – loads more Jazz cds (as if we need anymore!), Soul, Folk etc. Some super nice titles. Lots of Japanese cds too. Got plenty of collections coming up in the next few weeks too. Its been alright recently. The change of Soho claimed one more victim this week with the closing of Harold Moores, pretty sad; best of luck to all of the staff that worked there.

As Im sure you can imagine a lot of the staff at Reckless are DJs or playing in bands (all wicked of course) and Im trying to  put up all of the events on our Instagram which you should check out 100%.


This week we got the almighty Olivia from Dungeon and Rat Salad. Olivia also works at the Crown Bar, a most excellent metal bar.


  1. The Devotchkas – Annihilation
  2. Lunachicks – Babysitters on Acid
  3. L7 – Bricks Are Heavy
  4. Girlschool – Hit ‘N Run
  5. F-Minus – Suburban Blight
  6. Rock Goddess – Hell Hath No Fury
  7. Bolt Thrower -…For Victory
  8. The Runaways – S/T
  9. W.O.W. – WOW
  10. The Donnas – Get Skintight

“These albums really did keep me strong when I was studying music/playing gigs and being patronised by guys with 5 string basses.” Love it.