Nice load of tunes

This week the sound of the underground in the late 90s came flying in to Reckless. For some reason after having no UK Garage for ages – we suddenly had three collections come in. From the best Confetti and Ice Cream releases (Anthill Mob, Chris Mack, RIP Productions) to huge rarities (Ordinary People) to major classics (So Solid Crew, MJ Cole, Artful Dodger) to a nice lil bit of Grime (Skepta, Ruff Squad) these collections were da shiznit. Get your Reebok classics on and come down soon, woioi.

We restocked our La Vida Es Un Bus titles, so the Hardcore & Punk sections are fully restocked with some of the best records in the last few years. We got titles from Arms Race, The Lowest Form, Barcelona, Belgrado, No Warning, Disclose etc). Absolutely raging music, and you can tell so much has gone into the recordings and the presentation. Classy stuff. Check the amazing Arms Race live video below (featuring the guitarist from Madness covers band “Baggy Trousers) on the far left).

Somebody came in this week who used to have a shop in Soho in the 90s and had loads of dead stock. I didn’t recognise the name of the shop but the stuff he had was wicked. From long out of print Latin reissues to tearing Jungle classics (Studio Pressure titles – sold instantly though, sorry). We got like 500 records, but am due to buy the rest of them this week. Check this Dom Um Romao track below, I think its perfect.

Some of you may now that we have members of the Brainiac 5 working at Reckless, and we have been lucky enough to get copies of their new CD”Journey To X” in, which is flying out! They played a packed out gig at the Gunners last week for their release party and it was a huge success. Highly recommended!!

Just yesterday I put out some nice 90s alt rock titles that had come in over the weekend. This included a rare vinyl pressing of Ryan Adams “Rock N Roll” and some unusual surf rock titles from Man Or Astroman? and The Astronettes.

We have loads more collections this week, and have all been working overtime to keep up with the amount of records that have been flying out the door. Its been a hectic week!


We’ve been lucky enough to get a Top Ten from one of our favourite DJs – the absolute badgirl Elle Andrews!! She DJs with Claire Voyant under the Souvenir moniker. We saw her smash it last week in New Cross.


  1. Johnny Osbourne -Truths and Rights
  2. Stasis ‎– Circuit Funk
  3. Blawan – Getting me Down
  4. Eddie Flashin Fowlkes- Goodbye Kiss
  5. Remarc – TNT (Moist)
  6. The Supreme Jubiliees – It’ll all be Over
  7. Family Fodder – Warm
  8. Bobby Humpreys -My Little Girl
  9. The Slits- Man Next Door (version)
  10. Eddie Kendricks- My People Hold on