More reductions and loads of buying!

Its been another super busy week at Reckless; tonnes of buying and all the reductions are now finished. The rock LPs reductions were finished yesterday – it was good to clear out a lot of stuff, but there were definitely some really good records going out for mega cheap! Sections which got hit pretty hard were the Folk section, Exotica and US indie. Surprised to see records such as the Wild Nothing LP get reduced!!

We finally had some decent metal records come in this week. Some real classics from artists such as Metallica, Celtic Frost and Fu Manchu. We also had a load of new metal records come in from artists such as Witchcraft and Heaven Shall Burn. Hopefully more will be coming soon. These records will fly out.


With today being a bit brighter and sunny it seems only right that a huge pile of UK Garage 12″s just came in. All the classics, nothing too rare but nice clean copies of standards.

We had a pretty large synth and post punk collection come in over the weekend. Its a little bit rough round the edges sadly – but if you like Depeche Mode, Virgin Prunes and Throbbing Gristle then we got the goods.

This week I sold a Shut Up & Dance 12″ to Nick Frost.

Got loads of collections lined up this week – an dI have to say the records we have got in at the moment are pretty mental. So I’d get in and have a look if you get the chance.


This week we’ve got Jim AKA Prostitutes whose got a new album out this month on Diagonal. My band played a gig with Jim in LA last year and he was such a nice geezer and absolutely smashed it. Dude has got fantastic music taste too – its not often you can talk to someone about Ratt and Metalheadz.


Here are his TOP TEN 10″s

  1. Six Finger Satellite ‎– “Machine Cuisine” (Sub Pop)
  2. Boulder ‎– “555” (Flexovit)
  3. Deception Bay ‎– “ Fortune Days” (Independent Project Records)
  4. Blame & Justice ‎– Chapter II Remixes” (Moving Shadow)
  5. Cheap Trick ‎– “Found All The Parts” (Nu Disk \Epic)‎
  6. Virgin Prunes ‎– A New Form Of Beauty 2’ (Rough Trade)
  7. Sugar Minott ‎– “Dance Hall Showcase Vol. II” (Wackies)
  8. Alex Gopher & Etienne De Crécy / Etienne De Crécy ‎– “Overnet / Soul Seek” (Disques Solid)
  9. Midnight ‎– “Farewell To Hell” (Nuclear War Now! Productions)
  10. Crescent ‎– “Sun” (Atavistic)