A long week

This week started with some real reorganising of some of our stock. Our cupboards were literally bursting open with vinyl! We had to get some Hardcore & Jungle out in the racks (we had to work overtime to get it out!). Some nice bits went out such as 12″s by DJ Mayhem, Krome & Time, Good 2 Bad & Hugly as well as loads more Good Looking and Liquid Drum n Bass.

Midweek I bought in a nice pile of 4ad and New Order LPs and 12″s. It was nice to put out some super clean Cocteau Twins records, as you just don’t see them as much as you used to. 4ad really had it going on for a time there. The Cocteau Twins track below makes me think of stone circles and forests.

The wall has been getting repeatedly smashed this week. So many huge titles are flying out. But we have made sure to get more out than are selling and keep finding more and more near perfect UK originals of classic rock LPs. Some super clean Deep Purple UK firsts went out this week, including Shades of Deep Purple, which is near impossible to find a nice copy of.

A regular trader brought in a nice big pile of Krautrock LPs this week; it was a really nice pile of albums – and things you don’t see often. There were albums from Between, Gomorrah, A & R Machines, Three Mice, Lava etc. These were all a little bit tatty – but all play fine. It was pretty refreshing smashing these on the stereo this week.

What we’ve been up to mostly this week however is the arduous task of reductions. This is where we go through everything that has been out for more than a few months and slash the price. So now is the time to come in for a bargain!!

This weeks top 12!!

Seeing as Kenny and me (Chris) are DJing in Bristol this Friday I thought we would ask the main man Ed Eldridge from Rough Draft who’s putting it on to give us his own list. Thanks Ed!!


  1. Sun Ra – Nuclear War
  2. The Bees – Angry Man
  3. Napoleon Cherry – When You Had The Chance
  4. Yoshinori Hayashi – Madam Moo
  5. Omar S – S.E.X. (Conant Gardens Posse Remix)
  6. G4 – Who Loves You
  7. Renegade – Something I Feel
  8. Red Light – Wow Yeah/Burial
  9. Kemet Crew – The Seed
  10. Peshay – Psychosis
  11. Persian – Your Eyes
  12. Mouth – Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea