Clean start to the year!

More wicked records coming in this week. Sean bought a few huge collections which had so much good stuff. One was a huge classic rock collection (on vinyl and CD). This included so many final upgrade copies of classic albums. Much of the collection was first press and close to Mint (most of the records look unplayed). Some of the big boys in this collection are the Bakerloo LP, Killing Floor LP, Deep Purple LPs, Led Zeppelin LPs, Wizz Jones LP, Jethro Tull LPs and much more. The collection also had so many (thousands and thousands!) of really good cds; including about two meters longs worth of Dicks Picks Grateful Dead cds!

The other big collection was also super clean but was  a lot more rootsy – so loads of US and UK Folk, Country, SSW, Blues etc. Again a lot of these records look unplayed – to see some of the Johnny Cash Sun LPs in this condition is just amazing and it wont happen again soon.

Some super rare Golden Era 90s Rap cds also came in this week. Including some really unusual – never to be seen again – albums and singles. Some of the best CDs were from Nas, Nice & Smooth, Freddie Foxxx, EPMD etc.

Some nice UK Garage and Grime 12″s came in on the dance side. With a real mix of standard classics and really rare bits. This included records by Ruff Squad, Dem 2, Wiley, Todd Edwards etc.

On the single side – some really nice Ska and Rocksteady singles came in. All UK original copies, EX or above, centres intact. Proper rarities!

As always – this is just a tiny sample of what we have had in this week – and I’m just leaving to go to another huge collection in Buckinghamshire. I also try to get as much stuff up on Instagram (recklessrecordsuk)  but its always best to just keep popping into the shop as we have such a high turnover.


This week we have Reckless regular and NTS DJ – the original Tim Smith of The Pentagon Faceslap!

  1. Takeo Moriyama – Watrase
  2. Don Rendell Ian Carr Quintet – Blue Mosque
  3. Robert Johnson – Rambling On My Mind
  4. Sun Ra – India
  5. Jazz Hip Trio – Orange Room
  6. Miles Davis – Maiysha
  7. Frank Becker – Stonehenge
  8. La Monte Zeno – Black Land Of The Nile
  9. Human Race – Grey Boy
  10. Stan Tracey – Starless & Bible Black


Thanks for an excuse to post this track Tim!