Hiya, hope you all had a wicked Christmas. We had a heavy run up till Christmas, with tones of buying and selling. We ended up spending thousands of pounds on stock most days – so you can imagine how much great stuff was coming in! Sean bought a really big rock/americana/indie collection – all fantastic condition and around 750 albums. The cream of the collection were a few original Big Star LPs, some Mazzy Star, Townes Van Zandt and The Go-Betweens LPs. Lots of fairly obscure 80s new wave and americana too. Here is my favourite Go-Betweens track.

Some of the best stuff I bought in this week was sold in by regular customers. We had two huge boxes of amazing stuff get posted down from Glasgow. One box was full of brilliant cds (all perfect condition) – titles from artists like The Light Of Saba, Brian Eno, Deicide, Keith Hudson etc. The box of LPs was also top notch – with a lot of rare European Jazz, reggae and some nice experimental records.

Another customer brought in a great big pile of excellent experimental albums, with some new age and spoken word too. There were some really great rarities in there, and not the sort of stuff you generally find in record shops. The whole lot went out the day before Christmas Eve and some of it sold as soon as it went out!! Some of the titles were by Ennio Morricone, Egisto Macchi & The Entourage and Theatre Ensemble.

Another chap came in with about ten Bert Jansch and Bert Jansch related titles. Mostly originals but a few sealed reissues. This included rare original “The Ornament Tree”.


Another regular brought in a full set of This Heat test pressings. Seriously rare!!

We also bought a large (but fairly tatty) prog rock collection. We were a bit disappointed with the condition (a lot of titles just went out for £2-£3 but there were a few valuable titles in the collection which were priced subject to condition (Beggars Opera, The Gods, Black Sabbath etc).

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Christmas, I certainly did, and am currently writing this looking out to sea in Broadstairs. R.I.P. George & Rick.

Here is a Top Ten from one of the best artists ever, ERMSY!!!!!!!


1. Albert Alan Owen – Following The Light (Apollo Sound, 1982) Probably my favourite discovery of this year is this LP from underrated welsh composer Albert Alan Owen. It’s a really profound LP made up of 3 long tracks, with just piano, violin and synth.

2. Bombo Orchestra – Open Air (Paloma Records, 1983) Another big favourite from this year, it’s a little known LP of instrumental boogie / early house grooves from Italy, in a similar vein to Metro Area’s first few releases.

3. Gianni Fallabrino – Music For Brass (197?) Underscored with an Italian crime-funk style brass section, and punctuated with out of tune piano stabs over tough drums, everything about this LP is a winner.

4. Pino Calvi – Mort Di Un Barrattini (Usignolo, 1979) Loving this down tempo cinematic dusty fingers style tune from Pino Calvi at the moment. The practically unknown LP was a cheap gamble from a Parisian record fair.

5. Ex Ovo Pro – What’s The Deal (Amayana, 1976) Took me forever to track down a copy of Ex Ovo Pro’s European Spassvogel LP, which I first heard on a secret squirrel eBay auction about 15 years ago, only figuring out what it was years later. The rhodes solo still gives me shivers on ‘What’s The Deal’.

6. Jean-Michel Hervé, Jean-Claude Pierric : Gochica (Minotaure Illustration, 197?) Just a perfect combination of brass and rhodes over a laidback beat.

7. Alessandro Alessandroni – Romance and Drama (Coloursound, 198?) An inexplicable and brilliant library from the Italian master Alessandroni. It’s a perfect mix of analog electronic and acoustic instruments that’s not like anything else I’ve heard.

8. Patchwork – Mean & Dirty : Zero Hour (Music De Wolfe, 1978) One of the best of the many great grooves that came from the De Wolfe catalog. Finally got a copy of this banger earlier this year.

9. The Benito Bernado Group – Musical Conceptions : Confrontation (Bosworth, 197?) An amazing piano led tune with a dirty analog bassline.

10. Orchestra Ed Archi – Suoni Ed Archi (Milan Record Company, 196?) This is an obscure but really beautiful soundtrack from Franco Tamponi that I picked up by chancey. It goes from blissful bossa to orchestral drama, coming off like a lost soundtrack.

I highly recommend checking out Ermsys stuff if you haven’t already, plus he makes sick shirts/stickers/artwork that you can buy from his website listed below. Thanks Ermsy!!