Jingle Hells

Last week was one of the busiest weeks of the year; with loads more buying coming in and records flying out the door! One of the nicest collections that came in was a really good classic rock collection with many early pressings of some great albums. The collection included Los by King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Brian Auger, Del Shannon, The Beatles, Moby Grape, Grateful Dead etc. All of the records were in great condition too.

We also had a boatload of decent soul singles come in, with lots of pretty obscure titles. Mostly US issues too which was nice. One of the singles was the fantastic “Got to Get Your Own” by Reuben Wilson.

As usual we had loads more Jungle and Hardcore come in; as well as pricing a big pile that was in our storage. We had some nice titles from artists like Da Maytrix (which has already sold!), Nite Shade, Shut Up & Dance, Krome & Time etc. Bo Selecta!

We had the 45 King in the shop this week pricing piles and piles of singles. A few things he was focusing on were post rock and electronica (lots of nice cheap titles), post punk and sixties. So if you need Wire singles you know where to go!

This weeks TOP TEN is from Mark Harwood, the man behind Penultimate Press. Mark is a really wicked man, and his label is really wicked.


  1. Veronique Chalot – A L’Entree Du Temps Clair LP
  2. Dom – Edge of Time 2LP
  3. Slim K – Purple Children 6 mixtape
  4. Maxo Kream – Persona Tape mixtape
  5. Radar Favourites – st CD
  6. Asia Minor – Between Flesh and Divine
  7. Paul Bowles – Music of Morocco Box Set
  8. Aine O’Dwyer – Locusts cassette
  9. Carl Malcom – Take a tip from me 12″
  10. Lol Coxhill + Morgan Fisher – Slow Music CD