Music For Sale

We had a mega busy week with tonnes of buying and selling as usual. Before I get to the usual going through the new bits we got I should mention that we have just restocked our t shirts. They are selling fast so don’t hesitate! Two different designs. Hopefully we will sort out some Tote bags etc soon.


Duncan was out buying again this week and came back with 1000 jazz cds. This was a real mix of styles from bee bop to post bop to big band to ECM. As you can imagine from a collection that large there are a lot of gems in there, and a lot of rare cds that are long out of print. Below is a clip of one of my favourites from the collection. Some of you may remember we had a near perfect copy of the vinyl last year. I really regret not buying it!!


We managed to get restocks of a load of new vinyl from two great punk labels, La Vida Es Un Mus & Static Shock. This included about 50 titles. From reissues of crazy noisy post punk to new Indie bands to extreme Japanese D-Beat we got it covered! Below is the Anxiety LP which we have copies of. Its a wicked LP.

We also managed to get all of the Dangerous reissue 7″s that came out recently. Dangerhouse was the home of LA punk rock all stars X, Black Randy, Avengers, The Dils, The Bags etc. The reissues are really nice, and much cheaper and more available than original copies!

On the other side the shop we have had loads of small collections coming in but most importantly we have had someone bring in a load of golden era 90s hip hop. Just like the guy with the electro collection we’ve been told that this is just the tip of the iceberg and they are going to be bringing in the whole lot. The collection included a mix of 12s and LPs. Some of the records have been a bit rough but all have been playing well and are priced cheaper because of the condition.

It’s a bit of a coincidence after getting that Trees LP last week but the other one got sold in this week. Different seller too. In a pile of very standard classic rock was a really nice copy of “On The Shore”, which is another great album by them; and super rare!

This week we have got man like The Maghreban one of our favourite producers to do us a Top Ten! Thanks Aymon!!



1. Nu Guinea – TA Storm

2. Mr G – One For The Headz

3. Mark Ernestus vs Obadikah – April

4. I-Robots – Come to Harm (Djembe Monks Zimbabwe Session)

5. Pangaea – One By One

6. Pepe Bradock – Yasuke

7. Risan – Eastern Palace (Rappers Mix)

8. Benoit B – Week-end Girl

9. Shamos – Palace Pavillion

10. Detroit Swindle – Circular City (Mathew Herbert Instrumental Remix)