Jazz, Folk, Blues & House!

Duncan has been out on a mega buying spree this week, and has travelled all round London, Essex and Hertfordshire! The first collection was about 1000 jazz titles; and was a real mix. There were a lot of real keepers including an abundance of titles on Impulse and Blue Note. On the rarer side of things there were quite a few free jazz titles including titles by David S Ware, Noah Howard and Duke Jordan. There were also a few choice UK improv LPs.

We also went to a collection with a few classic rock titles, with albums by Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Who et al. All great – but in the collection was a (fairly tatty!) copy of “The Garden Of Jane Delaney” by Trees. I love this LP, its a great folk rock album and its pretty rare! I’m sure most of you reading this will already know about it but if not it’s certainly worth checking if you are a Fairport Convention and Sandy Denny fan.

Duncan also bough a few thousand blues and African albums (with a few other oddities in there). The collection was only bought in yesterday and we only saw a bit of it but there were some nice UK original albums by artists like Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf and John Lee Hooker. As you can imagine from a collection that big there were a lot of standard classic albums as well as rare titles!

On the dance side we bought in a collection from one of our friends which included a lot of newish techno and house. This included around 1000 titles, and featured some really good 12s from artists like Aphex Twin, Hieroglyphic Being and Legowelt . The collection also featured a lot of experimental records from labels like Pan and Touch. It was a great collection to buy!


This week we have been very lucky to get a Top Ten from the fantastic DJ Bad Boy!! One of our favourite DJs.


  1. Bobby Francis – Chain Gang
  2. Low Jack – Thin Platforms
  3. Croatian Amor – Love Means Taking Action
  4. Enya – Caribbean Blue
  5. Michal Turtle – Astral Decoy
  6. Red 5 – Never Gonna Give You Up
  7. The Bachs – Your Mine
  8. Richie Rich – Worries & Problems
  9. Technotrance – YRS Stomp (Hyperact Mix)
  10. Vangelis – Silent Portraits (Part Two)


DJ Bad Boy can be contacted through Reckless Records