New Zealand, The Walker Brothers & much more!

It’s been another busy week at Reckless, with loads of buying! We had a nice collection of New Zealand tapes come in on Saturday. This included original and super rare tapes by The Dead C, Gate, The Clean, Pure, Alastair Galbraith and many more. Although there has been some resurgence in interest in the cassette we have always had a small selection of them for sale and are still very interested in buying certain types of cassette. To get a collection of rare tapes like this is great for us and they are selling really quickly.

We were also called to a flat round the corner from the shop last week to look at a small collection of Sixties albums (which included decent copies of albums by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Walker Brothers etc) and in the collection were original  Walker Brothers gig tickets, flyers, fan club magazines and newspaper clippings. All from the sixties!

Another collection of note that we went to was a fairly large collection of Jazz and Prog. In the collection were lots of classic LPs by John Coltrane, Miles Davis et al. There were some pricier titles from Nucleus and Ian Carr. Including his classic album Belladonna.

This week we have a Top Ten list from Hypnotic Tango man Ilan; a man with fantastic taste,  wicked selector.

1. Li Garattoni – Find Out What I’m Dreaming LP. Radio waves from another dimension. Musical tendrils descending from heaven. Aural ayahuasca. Play at your funeral for guaranteed reincarnation.

2. Blue Gas – Shadows From Nowhere 7”. Blissed-out banger by Celso Valli. Sounds like the Bee Gees passing the dutchie ‘pon the left hand side. Sold a kidney for this one. It’s getting the official re-issue treatment soon and deservedly so.

3. Mac & Monica – Keep On Loving Me 12”. The b-side (‘You’re So Good To Me’) is the ultimate vibe to end all vibes. Even battered copies of this sell for $200. Presumably owning it in any condition will guarantee eternal happiness.

4. Calhoun Conquer – Lost In Oneself LP. Transcendental proggy weirdo thrash/metal from Switzerland. ‘Outermost Consequences’ is a game-changer in the truest sense. That outro! The LP’s so underrated it gives me sleepless nights.

5. Truth – EP 12”. Timeless early ‘90s techno 12” by Mark Goddard, an elusive North London wizard. Traipsed to Enfield several years ago to buy a copy from the guy who released it. Probably one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made.

6. No Ties – Lovely Way 7″. Heartbreaker and facemelter in equal measure. Like doggypaddling through a pool of sulphuric tears. Written by Naimy Hackett, an unsung heroine. And that artwork…

7. Angela Werner – Angela 2 LP. Huge love for virtually everything Angela-related including the inimitable ‘I Gotta Little Love’ aka the ultimate disko rekah. But this album is truly next level. Sadly she seems to be completely untraceable.

8. Norman Farrow – Under the Moonlight 7”. Mr Farrow wrote several mainstream disco hits in the late ‘70s, even appearing on TOTP, and – blam – out of nowhere comes this nostalgic, mysterious, subtly tragic, little-known gem. Released in France for good measure.

9. Leeway – Desperate Measures LP. What can I say? The ultimate. Riffs that bring tears to my eyes. Only band capable of coaxing me out of mosh retirement (apart from Camel – see below). Blessed to have seen the original lineup play just before they imploded.

10. Camel – Picking a favourite Camel record feels like choosing which testicle to hack off. No other band brings me as much inner peace. Even their unreleased material is better than everything else ever (see ‘Autumn’, for example). Thanks for the restraining order, Andy Latimer.