From The Beatles to Hardcore Punk!

This week we have had some of the most exciting items being sold in since I started working at Reckless. The buying just hasn’t stopped!

Firstly we purchased one of the rarest Beatles related items; a Yoko Ono 7″ limited to 6 copies! The 6 copies were made for John and Yoko to give to their friends and the copy we purchased had been given to the them and hung on a wall ever since! Quite the story and a true artefact. It also helps that the record is absolutely great.

Secondly we have a metal frame that actually used to belong to John Lennon. Purchased by our in-house Beatles expert and with proper validation; this is a Lennon fans dream come true. It can be seen in the picture below.


“Designed for John Lennon, and used by him at his Tittenhurst Park home studio, this metal frame used to house a tape recorder and a transcription deck. It was later given to Ringo when he bought Tittenhurst from John, and has also been used by (or at least has a tangential connection to) such people as Marc Bolan, Nick Drake (an occasional visitor to Tittenhurst) and, last but not least, Judas Priest”. Own a true piece of history!

We have had a huge collection of Japanese Anime soundtrack LPs as well as a huge stack of really great jazz LPs – all Japanese pressings! These include some Japanese only titles from Herbie Hancock and some beautiful pressings of classic Albert Ayler, Mingus and Coltrane titles.

Ambient fans should also note that we were sold nearly the entire collection of Fax CDs, including many real rarities and some that have sold for way over £100. For fans of Pete Namlook this really is a time to rejoice.

Just in time for Halloween we also had another stock copy of The Misfits “Horror Business”; the original yellow vinyl pressing. It is perfect in every way, and totally legit. Hardcore punk doesn’t get much better than this.

Speaking of hardcore punk our new CD buyer Tom is putting on this huge festival this weekend:


It’s going to be pretty wild!

To celebrate a weekend of noise here is a TOP TEN from the one and only Tony Gunnarsson of More Noize zine and Fast Skateboard company.

  1. Sex Pistols – Nevermind the B*llocks LP
  2. Chaos UK – Chaos UK LP
  3. Disorder – Perdition 8-Track EP 12”
  4. Discharge – Why 12” EP
  5. Chaotic Dischord – F*ck Religion, F*ck Politics, F*ck The Lot of You! LP
  6. Vorkriegsphase – Auf In Den Tod LP
  7. Terveet Kädet ‎– Terveet Kädet LP
  8. The Swankys – The Very Best of Hero LP
  9. Poison Idea – Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes 12”
  10. Lip Cream – Kill Ugly Pop 12″