Roots Reggae, Rare CDs & Jazz

This week we have had some serious heat come over the counter. Ox has been really happy to have some heavy reggae action make its way into the shop. Some of the bigger records that have gone out this week are the UK original Augustus Pablo “No Entry” 12″ and the Clarence Parks 12″ “Can’t Take You Little Woman”. We also had some nice Dub albums go out; a few Scientist albums and Umoja Dub.

Our new CD buyer Tom has been in a buying frenzy all week. Yesterday he was sold in a string of the rare Originals series (fantastic compilations each curated by a highly thought of selector) and several Madlib “Mind Fusion” CDs. Today he bought in  hundreds of CDs – a large classic rock collection and an interesting selection of rare prog CDs. Within the prog CDs was a personal favourite, the Caravan album “In The Land Of Grey & Pink”.

Duncan has been buying parts of a collection throughout the week. Within the many hundreds of LPs are plenty of Dollar Brand titles as well as lots of ECM titles. We’ve had a few rarer Jazz titles in this week as well, a solo Sun Ra LP, some Harold McNair and a rare US only Fela Kuti LP. Most of these titles have been photographed and are up on our Instagram which I try to update several times a day.

In the coming week we have 500 punk LPs being brought in as well as a lady promise to bring in 15 Magma LPs! Heres hoping!

This weeks top ten is from Pat Dainith; record and book collector as well as being a great DJ and playing in Hygiene (a fantastic punk band). He has decided to go with his top 11 records from Croydon. Thanks Pat!


  1. Robin Scott – Woman From The Warm Grass LP
  2. Roy Budd – Get Carter soundtrack LP
  3. Wizz Jones – Magical Flight LP
  4. Johnny Moped – Cycledelic LP
  5. Kirsty MacColl – They Don’t Know 7″
  6. The Damned – Strawberries LP
  7. Mad Professor – Dub Me Crazy!! LP
  8. 400 Blows – Pressure 12″
  9. Loop – Heaven’s End LP
  10. St Etienne – Foxbase Alpha LP
  11. I, Ludicrous – We Stand Around 7″

You should check out Hygiene: