Reduction Business!

This week we have been busy going through all of the records and CDs and reducing anything thats been there for more than a few months or so. We do this once every few months so that we can keep the shops stock fresh and exciting. Lots of items will have very big price slashes to clear space for the new stock we have coming in. We usually reduce each item by roughly 40% but sometimes more expensive items can get even more of a reduction. So now is the time to come and have a look through the bargain bins!

Even though we have spent most of the week reducing everything, 200 disco 12″ singles went out and hit the shop floor yesterday. Here is an example of one of the singles that went out:

What a banger!

You may have noticed but in the last month or so our Reggae 7″ boxes have gone from two boys to six. Plus we have the rarer items on the wall and a small selection with the rest of the singles in the racks. We found a few crates of decent singles in our storage space. From Dancehall to Ska to Rocksteady – all styles were covered!

We have a few interesting looking collections lined up this week so it will be worth checking in with us in the shop to see what happens!

We had a few new records come in the shop this week (we often get people bringing in review copies) and a couple of them really stuck out. The latest BadBadNotGood album “IV” is absolutely fantastic, and even better than their previous release, their collaboration with Ghostface Killah. It’s a great funk and soul influenced Jazz album which at times is really something else and comes highly recommended.

The other new record we had come in this week was an album on Constellation by Off World. I don’t know much about this release other than it being on Constellation and a few of the players on it but its a great experimental electronic album which I thought was fantastic!

We usually sell new items about a fifth cheaper than other shops as they are being sold as second hand goods despite being brand new. So save yourself a few pounds and check with us to see if we have any of the new releases!

This weeks TOP TEN!

This week we have a TOP TEN from one of our favourite customers and producers the almighty TIM REAPER.


  1. Dillinja – Heavenly Bass /
    Obligatory Dillinja tune in a top 10, was hard to narrow it down so I just picked the one I played on radio the most recently, was the only fair way of choosing!
  2. Kid Twist – Champion Sound /
    Actually bought this one for the flipside (amen stomper that’s not on YouTube) but over time, this side grew on me as it brings a real nice rolling energy in the mix, Liquid Wax tunes are great for that.
  3. Bizzy B – Revolution (Remix) /
    I’d consider myself quite a big fan of Bizzy’s work from this era (the White House EPs, all the stuff produced & engineered on Brain & Brain Progression, the stuff him & TDK were doing under aliases on Fist 2 Fist, Slam! etc) but I’d say this one is probably the maddest tune I know of him, so many switchups and left turns that it’s boggling to think about how simple & basic the hardware setup he used to make this tune.
  4. Potential Bad Boy – Work The Box /
    Hear this tune on loads of old rave tapes and pirate radio recordings, rightly so as well, probably one of my most loved releases from the Ibiza/3rd Party/Limited E Edition group of labels & it’s very representative of the style that Potential Bad Boy was on when he was churning out so many releases.
  5. Mafia – Black Hand Vol 1 A /
    Long time want of mine, managed to find it in Reckless for 25 quid but managed to haggle the price down with Scott (big up Scott!!!!) in exchange for a spare copy of the first Green Bay Black Label release that I had with me.
  6. Jack ‘n’ Phil – We Are Unity (2 Step Mix) /
    Basement is a label where at first I only really cared about the 94-96 releases, when they were transitioning to a more atmospheric style with tunes by Roger Johnson, Peshay, Photek & Source Direct under aliases and so on, but over time, I eventually began to realise how great they were from 92-94 as well when they were pioneering the jungle techno style with releases from Wax Doctor, DJ Mayhem & this one by Jack Smooth & Basement Phil, which has one of my favourite stab-lines of the label, an absolute classic for me.
  7. Embee – Niceness /
    The sub on this tune is actually ridiculous, drums roll out with the bass nicely as well, fond favourite of mine. Another one I may have bought from Reckless Records in Soho.
  8. Harmony & Xtreme – Wicked & Bad /
    Gifted to me by Tom Mason from Beautifully Crafted, one of my favourite ragga style jungle tracks ever. That General TK sample running nicely on top of a booming amen + sub combo, shouts to Lee in West Hampstead on production of this one.
  9. Dangerous Liasonz – Hazardous Happenings /
    Most of my music & selection for DJ sets is very amen break focused, but I need tunes like this to add a different flavour and break up the monotony that can come from rinsing the same breakbeat on repeat relentlessly and this release is one of my go-to tracks for that. Safari Sounds alias on a one release label that put out this wicked soul pride flexing track, a superb track here.
  10. DJ D Lux – Dub Fi Dub Pt 2 /
    This one came out on a very limited press of a release done by Persian Prince last year, sold exclusively directly on Discogs & of all the tracks on it, this one’s my favourite, getting straight into it wasting no time with an intro haha.

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