Diggin’ Deep! 7th October 2016

This week at Reckless we have been busy keeping on top of the large collections we have purchased recently. The biggest lot (which takes up nearly all of our storage space there are so many of them!) is a great big pile of disco and soul 12″s. The collection features classic Disco, Jazz Funk, Rare Groove, Soul, Funk, Go-Go e.t.c. There are plenty of classic singles in there such as Prince “Sexy Dancer”, Risco Connections “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”, Skyy “Skyyzoo, Chain Reaction “Dance Freak” and Eighties Ladies “Ladies Of The Eighties”.

I love the Chain Reaction 12″ – its a classic!


Nearly all of the records are original issues – both UK and US. It’s going to take us a while to process all of these so they will be going out gradually over the next few months.

With the weather taking a grim and chilly turn we have also bought in a few fitting titles on the heavier side. We’ve bought in decent copies of most of the Black Sabbath albums, all original issues. Perfect Autumn listening.

Also worth noting is a copy of 666 by Aphrodites Child (Spaceship label) has just made it onto the wall. Every home needs a copy of that opus!!

As you may know at Reckless we only sell a very small amount of records online (maybe 0.005%); pretty much all of our records sell in the shop. Plus with the ultra quick turnover (we aim to put out at least 200 records and 100 cds a day) you never know what you are going to find in the shop.

This week we have regular customer and world class DJ Emmet Keane providing us with his top list of records to dance the night away.



1. Cleopatra – Jamie Coe (Big Top) First time I heard this it blew my head off and still does every time I play it.

2. On The Horizon – Ben E. King (Atco) Moody sublime Lieber & Stoller production tucked away on the b-side of Stand By Me

3. Minstrel & Queen – The Impressions (ABC) Curtis Mayfield knew how to write a love song! The Godfathers of Rocksteady.. and this tune that gave birth to hundreds of versions

4. I Will Never Change (aka Undying Love) – Cornell Campbell (Attack) Cornell’s killer killer version of this Ernest Wilson tune is one of the most beautiful records ever made

5. Need Somebody – Marvin Gaye (Tamla Motown) Incredible 1965 recording… i play this pitched down slightly.

6. Don’t Leave Me – Marv Johnson (United Artists) Beautiful song penned by Berry Gordy & Smokey Robinson, recorded in 1959 by Marv Johnson… a heart rendering tale of the fearful lover

7. Road of Love – Billy Barnes (TaHoe) Heard this for the first time about a year ago on a CD Alan Handscombe did for me. Eventually managed to get hold of a copy. Fantastic RnB Popcorn

8. Comin’ Down – Jackie Shane (SUE) What a record!!! Pure Storming Rhythm & Blues

9. No Love in My Heart – Elmore James & His Broomdusters (Flair) Never tire of playing this.. pure infectious 45

10. Please Think it Over – The Dynamics (Trex) Bajan Soul Ballad from 1973.. first time I heard it I played it 10 times over and wept. My good friend Kevin Murphy secured me a copy. The Dynamics did some Skinhead Reggae stuff in the late 60s but none of the records they did in that time appealed to me.. this is a different class altogether.

Emmet is a regular DJ on the South Coast and in London, has his own show Shakedown and can be heard here: https://www.mixcloud.com/creationrebel/  He also make fantastic T Shirts and is one of the sharpest dressers in Margate.