29th September 2016 BLOG!

More collections came in this week (as they do every week!).


First we had a really nice classic rock collection; pretty much all UK originals in decent condition. It had a few heavy hitters like Wasa Wasa by the Edgar Broughton Band and Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart. It also featured artists such as the Groundhogs and Hawkwind. A lot of the records are on the more primitive side of heavy classic rock, the birth of hard rock you could say.

Check out what I mean here:


Serious vibes.

We had another excellent hardcore and jungle collection. 92-95. Some big ones and some standard but good tunes too. There was a decent amount of Basement Records material, with some hardcore techno workouts from the Wax Doctor and Kev Bird included. There was one personal (but also pretty pricey) favourite in there. The J.Higgs/J.Emery/Iain Clifton “Sellout” 12″. An absolute stormer from 1992 on Critical Rhythm. When the pianos and sirens come in just try and not get those hands in the air!!


The biggest collection we bought this week was a huge traditional folk collection. There was a little bit of folk rock, and a few nice titles by Nic Jones and Shirley Collins but generally it is hardcore a cappella. Plenty of titles on Tangent and Topic so you know they are of good quality!


Now its time for this weeks TOP TEN!

For this week we have DJ Skimask AKA Patrick Henderson


Patrick is a deep thinker, DJ and in ferocious UKHC band Beserk

  1. Sandii – Eating Pleasure [Alfa] 1990 Drip Dry Eyes or Zoot Kook are my two faves from this Yellow Magic Orchestra associated synth pop LP.
  2. Whip It – Derrick Harriott [Hawkeye] 1983 Boogie via Jamaica, both sides are good but I think the dub version just edges it.
  3. Finis Africa – S/T [Grabaciones Accidentales] 1985 Classic ‘Balearic’ sound, El Secreto de las 12 is transcendent
  4. Six Sed Red – Shake It Right [Sire, 1984] Better towards the latter end of a warm-up set, ft. Cindy Ecstasy on vocals and Cabaret Voltaire on production
  5. The Cure – Mixed Up [Fiction Records, 1990] Pictures of You (Extended Dub Mix) was a big hitter in the car on holidays as a child and it translates well into the club. Think someone asks me what version this is pretty much any time I play it
  6. Dadawah – Peace and Love [Wild Flower, 1984] Any track on this psychy Nyabinghi Roots LP is gonna hit the spot, for fans of sweet, sweet reggae music
  7. It’s Immaterial – Driving Away from Home (Wicked Weather for Walking) (Extended Mix) [Siren, 1986] Great example of how a average song can be transformed with an extended edit. Listen to this one a lot when I’m steaming
  8. William E. – Crazy How Love Slips Away [Polydor, 1967] Tears on the dancefloor.
  9. Degrees of Freedom – Degrees of Freedom [Alias Records, 1988] Managed to get this courtesy of Fergus ‘The Evil Digger’ Clark before prices went too crazy. August Is and Angel is the track
  10. Messenger – Afrika Is Burning, And The Black Man Here Is Doing the Freak [One Love, 1980] Austere reggae-disco, which sounds like a bit of a paradox. Great horn section and introspective Afro-centric lyrics.