Reckless Records NEW BLOG!!!

Sorry for the lack of blog updates but we’ve been super busy buying in loads of great collections.

As well as buying in loads of wicked items over the counter in the last few weeks we have been lucky enough to buy some great collections:

  1. Huge 90s Rap collection with loads of heavy hitters, all nice and clean too.
  2. Tonnes of original African records, all really tatty but seriously rare. In a collection of around 250 records we had titles from Blo, William Onyeabor, Fela Kuti, King Sunny Ade…
  3. Large across the board collection with everything from Dub to Drum & Bass to Punk. This was a great collection and included items such as most of the Blood & Fire catalogue, GBH 12″s and all the Gang Starr LPs!
  4. Late 90s-mid 2000s indie collection (with all the classics from The Moldy Peaches to Bright Eyes)
  5. Decent reggae CD collection (with plenty more to come so we hear!)
  6. Three crates of great condition Drum & Bass, Hardcore and Jungle. All really clean. Everything from Tom & Jerry to Wax Doctor.

Here is a wicked interview with Marc Mac from 4 Hero/Manix/Tom & Jerry etc



We’ve decided to ask customers to help us out on here and give us some form of top ten records (or cds!).

First up is Puwaba Jim, promoter of the excellent South London Puwaba night!!
1. Branford Marsalis ‘Hope’ (Bragtown)
2. Pat Metheny – Last Train Home (Life Talking)
3. Sudeten Creche – Dance (mix from Europe in the Year Zero comp)
4. Gemini – Its The Inside That Counts (Imagine a Nation)
5. Phyllis Hyman – Loving You Losing You 12”
6. UB40 – Don’t Break My Heart (12” mix)
7. Devo – Beautiful World
8. Shriekback – Sexthinkone (12” mix)
9. Gemini – Untitled B1 (Le Fusion)
10. Tim – No Escape (De Zon Zal Winnen)
Puwaba comes highly recommended from us, so much so that Kenny DJ’d at the last one (and managed to play some Christian Vander to a wild crowd).