Reckless Records LDN Blog ~ 005


Hello Hello,

Welcome to the 5th installment of the Reckless Records Blog, it’s definitely starting to get that Christmas kind of crazy out there on the rugged streets of Soho. As it came up quite a lot this week I thought I’d take the opportunity to mention that you can buy gift vouchers at Reckless, there have been a number of people asking if we sell them and, yes, we do. You can call the shop or come into the shop to purchase a voucher for any amount you choose.

Starting on the Dance Side, there have been some proper bangers filling up the Drum & Bass and Hardcore Sections this week, here’s some spliced together videos of the sections.

In the Drum & Bass are these heavy hitters:

Shy FX featuring David Boomer Who Run Tings on Ebony Recordings from ’96 and Calibre Hustlin/Movin on Signature Records from 2007. The AA Side Rollers Mix of Who Run Tings is particularly good and grumbly.

In the ’90-’92 Hardcore Section are these:

Cool Hand Flex ZX2 EP a ’92 stamped white label on De Underground Records and ECT Loves Gonna Get U another ’92 stamped white label. The A Side of ZX2 ‘Your Risk’ is a particularly bashy piece of work:

Sticking with the Dance Side for now, the wall has an interesting cross-section of goodies upon it this week including everyone’s favourite shaven headed weirdo Skrillex. This luxury Triple Vinyl Box Set is filled with (unsurprisingly) three 12″ EPs: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites, More Monsters And Sprites, Bangarang. It’s a limited edition release in a die-cut case and includes a 12-page booklet.

IMG_2274Also this pair of Metal Dance Compilations selected by Trevor Jackson on Strut. Industrial Post Punk and EBM Classics and Rarities from the late 70s to the late 80’s. Pressed on 180g vinyl these comps are thoroughly enjoyable. The packaging is really nice and both of the records in the series would make a great gift for anyone with an interest in this era of music.

I stumbled across these two promotional video mixes for the releases that give you a really good idea of the kind of bashy, squelchy delights that feature on these 12″

Also on the wall are these Hip Hop favorites.

Dangerdoom The Mouse And The Mask a collaboration between Dangermouse and M.F. Doom double LP on Lex Records. Compton this years offering from Dr. Dre, the soundtrack to the film Straight Outta Compton also released this year.

Jumping over to the Rock Side now, there’s a really lovely variety of gems. Some more UK Folk and Blues has been going out and filling the shop floor with finery. Plus, as it’s Chriiiiistmaaaaas, this fantastic box set When Slade Rocked The World. It’s full of four vinyl LPs, four 7″ singles in picture sleeves, a Flexidisc, two CDs and two books.

Peter Bellamy The Transports a double LP of eerie folk ballads sung with a bunch of UK Folk favourites: Norma Waterson, Nic Jones and June Tabor among others. Bert Jansch Moonshine a rare vinyl issue of this release whose mastertapes were destroyed in a warehouse fire. B.B. King’s Completely Well a US original copy of the Bluesway release from 1969.

For some more heavy Industrial flavours there’s this Nine Inch Nails Release>


A rare 12″ promo for the track March Of The Pigs from the legendary album Downward Spiral on Island Records. Delightfully fast and nasty this track is not for the faint hearted.

As for CDs, this week a collection of Muslimgauze wonders have been displayed on our shelves, it’s by no means most of a Muslimgauze collection in its entireity but a large chunk shall we say. A lot of it has been played in the shop this week and subsequently purchased, this music is mesmerizing and beautiful, the artwork that accompanies each release makes it even more enjoyable. Manchester’s Bryn Jones, otherwise known as Muslimgauze, was one of music’s most prolific artists, writing an album almost every week most of his releases were limited editions and compellingly packaged making anything that he did highly desirable to the right kind of music lover. With 96 titles to his name at his death in 1999 the CDs we have only scrape the surface but feature rich examples of the kind of thing he produced.

IMG_2226As always, the tracks featured on this week’s blog post can be found here.

And my playlist this week are favourites from the Muslimgauze CDs which is here.

We out!