Reckless Records LDN Blog ~ 004


Hello hello,

What a busy week it’s been, Christmas is truly upon us and things are getting busy at the shop. We’ve worked hard to get out as many prime pieces for your delight and enjoyment this week, if you’re buying for yourself or as gifts for others, from here on in until Christmas you can count on us to provide you with coutless options.

Let’s kick things off with some more of the fine Soul Funk and Disco collection we’re still steadily putting out. Again, all of these LPs have been kept in such good condition that you’ll be amazed by the shiny, un-battered condition of these brilliant titles.

Kicking things off is Bobby Story a.k.a. Bobby Patterson with Storyteller, his astounding second album, the 1982 follow-up to It’s Just A Matter Of Time that featured on the blog last week.


And here’s a taste of what this album has to offer I Got A Suspicion

Another essential holy-grail-of-soul piece went out this week, 100% Pure Poison with Coming Right At You, and original first pressing that features more samples that you can shake a stick at. Track from this album have been sampled by the likes of J Dilla, St. Germain and Pete Rock. A stone cold classic.


“A Tombstone?!”

And a flick through the other Soul Funk and Disco LPs that also went out this week

Some UK Techno bangers went out this week too, the section is rammed full of goodies including these three heavy hitters; Chemotex Schrade Knives, Regis In A Syrian Tongue and The Sight Below N-Plants Remixes.

Blood Witness by Regis is packed full of clicky goodness

As always, our Reggae section is full of bargains and collectibles. This week has seen a nice selection of digi dub 10 inches go out along with some classic Reggae LPs. Here’s a look through some of those.

On the wall are some Reggae 12s and LPs including this heavy British Roots 12″ from Black Symbol, Loving Jah, hard to come by and in great condition


This Ranking Joe LP is a perfect showcase  of classic Roots Reggae, a fine example of the sonic themes associated with the Roots movement, get yer skank on with ArmageddonIMG_2194


Whilst on the subject of Reggae, this week we witnessed a first in the shop. How Not To Browse Through The Reggae 7 Inches with Jimmy, Sophie and some guy we’d never seen before. Lesson One: try not to take everything out of the boxes and pile them haphazardly on the counter. Lesson Two: don’t then let go of the mostly empty 7″ box so that it tumbles to the floor making everyone stop and look, incredulously between the empty place between your hands where the box once was and the floor where everything now is. Lesson Three: (most importantly) never, never make Jimmy do the thumbs-up…

It’s CD time! Brace yourself for a Grateful Dead overload.  There are so many stoney psychedelic delights to choose from in this Grateful Dead collection, some incredibly rare and interesting releases that we hardly ever see. A large selection of the Dick’s Picks series of releases for you Dead Heads out there

Look at them all! I’ve now read the word Dick so many times that it’s lost all meaning.

Yes, I mentioned it already, no, it’s not too early. The start of December always ushers in the collective intake of breath from retail workers London-wide. It’s Christmas. We’ve bought out the Xmas LP section and it will be added to on the run up to Jesus’ bornday, there will be many items for your perusal for Christmas parties or something to get you in the mood for some festive shenanigans.

Moving on to the Rock side of things, this week we’ve had some delightful LPs going out into the racks and onto the wall. Starting with this piece of soundtrack history The Empire Strikes Back a rare US promo double LP and includes a (used) ticket to the original premiere. With the eagerly anticipated (by myself anyway) run up to the release of The Force Awakens, this soundtrack would make an ideal gift for any Star Wars nerd, don’t be ashamed, everybody has a “thing”


And how about these delectable beauties. Gay and Terry Woods’ Backwoods, a 1975 UK original on Polydor. Depeche Mode with Music For The Masses, a rare UK clear vinyl issue on Mute. The Organ Grab The Gun, from 2006 this is a rare vinyl issue of this Indie album on Too Pure.

We were all in agreement when sampling Music For The Masses that Depeche Mode really are rather good at what they do. Here they are with Never Let Me Down Again

The 7 inch racks have, for another week running, been decked out with some brilliant rarities and steals. Check out these bad boys:

The Leather Nun’s Slow Death EP on Throbbing Gristle’s Industrial label, Søm Til Din Ligkiste by Undergang; a rare red vinyl issue limited to 1000 copies, Grunt Futtock (a supergroup featuring Steve Marriott, Peter Frampton, Roy Wood and Andy Bown) with Rock ‘n’ Roll Christian on Regal Zonophone and a mega rare True Faith test pressing by New Order in excellent condition!

And for my personal selection for this week, Check Your Head by Beastie Boys, worth absolutely every penny you’d spend on this nice copy of their outstanding third release from 1992, if you don’t own this album on vinyl then now’s the time to head over and pick it up. You know it’s what’cha what’cha what’cha want!


It’s still sad three years on

As always, the tracks from this weeks blog can be found as a playlist here.

And my additional playlist for this week comprises of one artist only, Lady Leshurr. More people should be aware of this woman, she’s a force to be reckoned with and Queen’s Speech Ep. 1, 3 & 4 will not only have your head bumping but also make you respect personal hygiene. Brush yo teef.

We out!