Reckless Records LDN Blog ~ 025


Hello, hello,

It’s the twenty-fifth installment of this Reckless bloggery and this week is a Jack White/Third Man Records special! We got in a batch of Third Man releases this week and, as with most of his vinyl releases, we expect these to sell faster than that picture of his and Meg’s marriage certificate.

Third Man Records was founded by Jack White in Detroit (his home town) in 2001. In 2009 the first venue/record store/HQ was founded in Nashville (old font, new font) and he’s subsequently opened a second venue in Detroit in 2015. The label’s motto is “Your Turntable’s Not Dead.” Artists on the label include White himself, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, Seasick Steve and White’s ex-wife Karen Elson.

The Third Man Records Vault is something entirely different, a quarterly-subscription service that offers members access to vinyl rarities and unreleased content. Upon becoming a Platinum Member (a title that will set you back $60 every three months) you’ll receive a package via post that includes a 12″ and 7″, access to chat rooms, live streaming, ticket pre-sales, access to the Novelties Shop and loads more other bits that would make any deep Jack White nerd start to drool with delight.


So, here are a selection of the Third Man releases we’ve put out this week. This isn’t all of them by any means so it’s definitely worth coming down to the shop to have a look if JW is your main fancy piece.


Jack White, Live At Third man Records, a very limited edition, dual coloured wax release from 2012 with a holographic sleeve. Features nineteen tracks spanning White’s career and various bands. Double LP.



The Raconteurs, Live In London, limited edition, 180g double LP release from 2004. Not for general sale, this LP was released as part of White’s Vault project.



Various Artists, Single Releases 2009: Volume One, from 2010 this double LP features Third Man artists including The Dead Weather, Dan Sartain, Wanda Jackson and Smoke Faries. It’s a collection of the 7s released on Third Man in 2009/10 and also has some interview snippets.



Various Artists, Single Releases 2010: Volume Two, from 2011 this double LP features Third Man artists including Karen Elson, Conan O’Brien, Laura Marling and The Secret Sisters. It’s a collection of the 7s released on Third Man in 2010.



Various Artists, Single Releases 2011: Volume Three, from 2012 this triple LP features Third Man artists including Dungen, Stephen Colbert, The and… Insane Clown Posse?!… Seriously Jack, just because people are from Detroit doesn’t mean you have to release it. It’s a collection of the 7s released on Third Man in 2011 and comes pressed on one black, one white and one yellow wax.



The Dead Weather, Sea Of Cowards: Live At Third Man Records, from 2010 this double LP on dual coloured vinyl is the whole sea Of Cowards album recorded live. As specified on the little write up there, our photocopier has muddied up the sleeve to this, in relaity it’s a lot brighter. We photocopy the sleeves of our expensive LPs as people steal them, yep, you heard me right, sometimes! they even steal the photocopies…



Karen Elson, Live At Third Man Records, this beautifully presented LP comes in a die-cut sleeve (her dress) and is pressed on peach and black wax so the vinyl shows through. Recorded in 2010 (two years before their tumultuous split) it features many tracks from her The Ghost Who Walks album. All Karen Elson’s releases are such beatiful items when pressed on vinyl, one 7inch has rose petals pressed inside it! Le Freak done good.



Jack White & The Bricks/Two Star Tabernacle/The Go, Live At The Gold Dollar, recorded in 1998/99 in Detroit at The Gold Dollar. The three LPs are pressed on translucent gold wax and come housed in a telescopic box. Also with a double sided facsimile from each show including fliers and set lists, a Third Man Records challenge coin and fold-out poster. Limited edition it was released in 2016.



Jack White, Live From Bonnaroo 2014, this is a triple LP box set, the vinyl is, again, dual coloured black/white and blue/white and features track spanning his career. It also comes with a DVD of the show, photographs, 8GB USB drive, patch, sticker, tour poster and Ikey Owens gold card. How delightful!


That’s all for the LPs, although there are more in the shop that haven’t been featured in this post. Now moving on to the 7s…


The Dead Weather, No Horse (first take)/Jawbreaker (first take), limited edition from the Vault, two demo tracks of two songs that would later appear on the Sea Of Cowards LP. Released in 2010



Jack White, Lazaretto Demos: Alone In My Home/Entitlement, limited edition from the Vault, pressed on blue wax, recorded by Jack White in Mexico, released in 2014.



The’s, Great Balls Of Fire/Hanky Panky, a limited edition 7inch from the Vault, released in 2011 and features two covers in typical 5,6,7,8’s style and sounds like Jack White is playing something or other on there also.



Two Star Tabernacle and Andre Williams, The Big Three Killed My Baby/Ramblin’ Man, limited edition from 2011 the a-side is what would end up being a White Stripes track that appeared on their debut album in 1999. Again, it’s from the Vault, Two Star Tabernacle were Jack White’s band before the White Stripes… thank fu*k for Meg White!


That’s it for this week folks, as always you can find a playlist of all the tracks featured on this week’s blog here.

We out!