Reckless Records LDN Blog ~ 023


Hello, hello,

IT’S SUMMER!! But people still need to buy records from a sweaty shop so here’s what I’ll be covering this week: Nu House and Techno, Grime and Grunge.

Without further ado:

Madteo, Noi No, Italian producer based in the US on Sahko Recordings from 2012. Dario Zenker, Morsin, from 2014 on Triolgy Tapes. Levantis, Believe, an Actress (Darren Cunningham) alter-ego from 2013 on The Trilogy Tapes. Eomac, Hither, Pappy, one half of the duo Lakker this is a 4 track release from 2013 on The Trilogy Tapes.


DJ Spider & Marshallito, Deadly Structures EP, a four track release on The Trilogy Tapes from 2013. Willie Burns, The Overlord EP, a four track release, again, on The Trilogy Tapes from 2012. Minor Science, Noble Gas, five tracks on Trilogy Tapes from 2014. _moonraker, Lowjit Vagrants EP, another Trilogy Tapes release from 2013.

Also out on the Dance Side this week (in keeping with the opening theme too) is this outstanding Actress LP:


Actress, R.I.P, a double LP on Honest Jon’s Records from 2012. Darren Cunningham is becoming quite the prolific producer and recording under many different aliases he’s somewhat hard to keep up with. This was his third release under the name Actress and, as far as I’m concerned, everything he produces under this name is going to be good. Whenever his albums get played in the shop they’re asked about and bought almost immediately. He’s a top producer and well on his way to having an outstanding career. Bubbly, uplifting, floaty clicks and scrapes: perfect summer listening.


Also out this week are these other couple of Summer essentials:

Dizzee Rascal, Boy In Da Corner, from way way back in 2003 (haha) on XL Recordings and Maths+English, also on XL/Dirtee Stank Recordings from 2007. Dizzee started out as a noisey kid from Bow and has matured into a bona-fide pop star, a highly talented and creative individual, you can dip into any album of is career and find multiple tracks on each of his albums that not only bang but are entertaining and insightful. There are endless quoteables on these albums too, Boy In Da Corner changed not only Dizzee’s life (for sure) but changed the way people talk and bought a new language and style into the mainstream. I myself am super proud of everything this man has achieved.


Next up is this lovely Grunge Gods bundle:

Pixies, Come On Pilgrim, on 4AD from 1987 and Doolittle also on 4AD from 1989. The Breeders, Pod, from 1990 on 4AD. Pixies were the first Grunge band, end of, and these two albums are fine examples of everything Black Francis, Kim Deal, Joey Santiago and The Drummer (… David Lovering) had to offer throughout the late 80s and early 90s. The band had a tumultuous time with many disagreements and purported arguments. This led to a slightly uncomfortable stage presence and strained sound in the recordings but without those things these albums wouldn’t be what they are. Had the Pixies got on famously and remained together (instead of kicking Kim out YET AGAIN but this time replacing her with someone else called Kim ??) then maybe The Breeders wouldn’t exist. I personally love that there was such animosity between Kim and Frank, even though they may have just been “goofing around” it made for an interesting time and together they have made some of the greatest albums in the history of rock music. The first time I saw the Breeders was like being shoved into a roomful of those plastic plants that dance when you play music? Utterly bizarre but thoroughly uplifting. They’re such a vibrant and enjoyable band and so far removed from anything the Pixies did but still having that special something that Kim Deal brings to anything she decides to turn her hand to.


“Hey Girl…” it’s the Drive soundtrack

IMG_3264Drive – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, on pink wax from 2012 a double LP on Invada Records. Remember when Drive came out and everyone went all giddy for Ryan Gosling, mostly all he does in that movie is drive about in an inside-out jacket, stare at things, get beat up then go on a violent rampage… dreamy! That jacket though, I’d steal it of his cold, dead, violent body. Look at it! Badass. Oop, is that a spoiler? he dies at the end…. PSYCH! You think he’s dead but he’s not he’s just staring. If you haven’t seen that movie yet then, seriously, where have you been. This soundtrack features all of the stonking tracks from the movie (Kavinsky, The Chromatics, Desire) but also the whole score too. It’s a great soundtrack and movie, it’s seething with tension and indignation that builds in the movie and the soundtrack. Well worth a listen.

Rounding things off this week we have this stunning box set available:


William Basinski, The Disintegration Loops, a 9xLP, 5xCD plus DVD limited edition box set on Temporary Residence from 2012. The Disintegration Loops is a project by Basinski where ambient sound-scapes are played on a magnetic tape loop that slowly disintegrates as time passes and the loop keeps playing. It captures the sounds of the music slowly fading into nothing but fuzz, clicks and noise. The tapes coincided with the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York on 9th September. Basinski has described the tapes as “the last hour of daylight of 9/11 in N.Y.C.” There is an accompanying video of smoke over New York shot from Basinski’s Manhattan apartment rooftop on September 11th, stills from this video were used as the artwork for the original releases. These pieces of music are deeply personal and touching and resonate on a level that most music dedicated to that troubling time struggle to encapsulate. This box set is beautifully packaged and the content wonderful to listen to in it’s haunting and beautiful entirety. The following video is Disintegration Loops 1.1 it’s long but well worth hearing:


As always, a playlist of all the tracks featured in this week’s blog can be found here.

We out!