Reckless Records LDN Blog ~ 018


Hello, hello

Merry Easter to one and all, what better way to spend a bank holiday than reading about records…. There are definitely other things you could do. Just a quick one today as it’s a half day here at Reckless Blog HQ.

This week will heavily feature a load of Tom & Jerry 12s with a playlist from Toru Yo to get you all kinds of prepped for a Jungle fueled afternoon. Also this week I’ll be writing about Swans, George Harrison, Throbbing Gristle and My Bloody Valentine.


It’s rare that we get such a significant collection of heavy hitting pieces, such as these, all at once but we got ’em! Junglists; you’re gonna want to sit down:

IMG_2890SHELL 002, 1992, We Can Be Free/For The Gold Teeth, Baby Don’t Shout, Physics.

IMG_2889SHELL 004, 1993, Let Your Spirit Rise, Programme 205, Strings & Me, Mousetrap (Dangerous)

IMG_2888SHELL 012, 1995, 10″ from 1995, Maxi(mum) Style “Nasty Jungle Remix”, All Of My, The Jokers Played

IMG_2887SHELL 010, 1994, It’s All Over, Who Kan Draw, Say Goodbye “Broke My Heart”, Maxi(mum) Booty Style-Part III

IMG_2886TJ002, 2004 limited repress, Patch Of Blue, Cat Got Your Tongue

IMG_2885TJ001, 2003 limited repress, Maximum Style, Dancer

All of these are marked, unsurprisingly, as they came from a much loved collection but they’re still worth coming in and having a peep at. We try to grade conservatively so I’m sure if you want any of these and take the time to come in and have a look you’ll be very happy you did. These really aren’t gonna last long in the shop so get your shoes on, get out the door and come lookit!

As I mentioned earlier, Toru has very kindly put together a T&J playlist for you all to have a listen to, I bet that before the end you’ll already be itching to come to the shop and scoop all these up. Enjoy!

Right, moving on from all this Jungle. Also hitting the racks this week are these lovlies:


George Harrison, All Things Must Pass, a rare 30th Anniversary edition vinyl issue of this album with colour artwork instead of the standard greytone. This copy is still sealed even! It’s a triple vinyl box set that’s fully remastered and features additional bonus tracks from the original 1970 release. Here’s one of those tracks I Live For You:


My Bloody Valentine, Loveless, this is a out of print repressing of this classic shoegaze album. Released as a limited run on Plain Recordings before their licensing ran out in 2003. The band states that these LPs were mastered from the CD, not the original mater tapes.


Swans, To Be Kind, triple LP in tri-fold sleeve on Young God Records from 2014. This album features loads of artists (as per usual with later Swans releases) including St. Vincent, Little Annie and Canadian cellist Julia Kent. This release also includes a poster with baby-head artwork by painter Bob Biggs.


Throbbing Gristle, 20 Jazz Funk Greats, limited edition reissue from 2011 on Industrial Records, completely remastered and comes with a 11″x11″ insert.  This album gets a lot of play in the shop, The Gristle are firm favourites and any f their releases will always come highly recommended by staff members.

As always, a playlist of all the tracks featured on this week’s blog can be found here.

Hope everybody has enjoyed the extended weekend!

We Out!