Reckless Records LDN Blog ~ 016


Hello hello,

Had an unexpected week off from the blog but we’re back and ready to go this week. Got yet more Soul Funk and Disco, David Bowie and a few other interesting pieces that are worth taking a look at including some Chicago House and Hip Hop.

Right, to kick things off…

IMG_2823Whoa!! Andwellas Dream, Love And Poetry, UK original from 1969 on CBS records. This is a supremely rare piece of Psych Rock history, the hefty price tag is refective of its rarity and how much it’s sought after, even in Good+ condition this will sell so quickly. What a belter!

Next up we have more Soul Funk and Disco 12inches for you to take a peep at, as I’ve been blathering on about for weeks now; these are all from the same collection that was sold in to us. They’re all in stunning condition.

Jobell And The Orchestra De Salsa/Zebra, Never Let You Go/Closer To The Feeling, US 1976 original on Jan Records. Loud E, Robolove, a three track promo copy on Ambassador’s Reception. Risque, Starlight/The Girls Are Back In Town (both extended American edits), 1982 maxi-single on Importe/12 Records.

Also out on the walls this week are these two:

Gloria Scott, What Am I Gonna Do, rare US original promo copy of this 1974 album on Casablanca records, produced arranged and conceived by Barry White.

Minako Yoshida, Minako, 1975 Japanese original on RCA. According to the sleeve notes her hair was designed by Masako (Lovely) Matsumara, isn’t that delightful!

Taking things in an entirely different direction now, this week also saw some really nice Hip Hop and House pieces go up on the wall and out in the racks:

Dr. Dre, The Chronic, this is a digital remaster double LP of this classic album. Whenever it gets sold into the shop, on any format, it usually stays in the shop for a week, tops, before someone buys it. Without this album there wouldn’t be so many of the artists that we know and love today, load a bowl, sit back and recognise…. although I really should take the time to point out, Dr. Dre, he’s not a real doctor and really doesn’t appreciate being approached for advice on medical problems.

A variety of artists feature on this West Madison Street Throwdown compilation: Hokus Pokus, Criminal Mind, The Jury, Spontaneous Ones to name a few. From 1988 this comp still stands the test of time and as the sleeve states it’s “Chicago’s best Dance, House, Rap and Acid tracks” and I guess they’d know.

This week has been good on the rock side of things also, let’s start with some awkward 80s Indie and New Wave:

Felt, Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow, UK Cherry Red 12inch single from 1984 with Fortune and a string arrangement of the title track on the b-side. Holy Toy, Warszawa, original Norwegian 1982 pressing of this LP on Uniton Records, this copy also comes with the scarce A3 folded booklet.

Now for a couple of heavy-psychedelic-but-in-totally-different-ways pieces:

Porcupine Tree, Voyage 34, a 12inch EP on Delirium Records from 1992. I’m going to quote the sleeve sticker because it’s too good: “Warning – Over 30 minutes long!! A post rave space wave to the Darkside of the Moon. After listening to this recording your friends won’t know you anymore. You’re on Voyage 34 now – Hallelujah!”
Little Free Rock, Little Free Rock, an ultra-rare UK original on Transatlantic from 1969 with lilac logo.

Next up is this really special David Bowie duo of goodies:


These are two separate releases, both from 2015, both limited editions and both sealed copies. Amsterdam and Man Of Words/Man Of Music. They are both limited to 1500 copies each via Parlophone and were pressed to celebrate the grand opening of the V&A’s exhibition David Bowie Is at the Groninger Museum.  These releases were exclusive to this exhibition and sold out in what I can only imagine would’ve been a matter of minutes.

Amsterdam the 7inch is orange vinyl and features My Death (Live) on the b-side, recorded live at Carnegie Hall in 1972. The cover image is a previously unreleased photo and the reverse is a shot from the Carnegie Hall show. Man Of Words/Man Of Music is Space Oddity/David Bowie for whatever reason and pressed on blue vinyl.

Now, just to round things off nicely, here’s a copy of the Star Wars soundtrack:


“buuh-buuh buh-buh-buh buuh-buuh buh-buh-buh buuh-buuh”… anybody? Double LP original soundtrack. There will be more sci-fi soundtracks and EPs featured on next week’s blog. Goodie!

As always, a playlist of all the tracks featured on this week’s blog can be found here.

We out!