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Hello hello,

January is nearly over and it still feels as though we haven’t had a real winter in London, this past week is the first we’ve cranked out the heating into the shop and welcomed many happy customers into our toasty shop to browse and buy.

This week has been a corker for Bowie fans, after the initial rush on buying up his LPs following his death we’ve restocked our Bowie section and it’s bursting full of all kinds of delights. Still no Blackstar though, that’s just not going to happen. Being a second-hand shop our stock is comprised of items that have been sold to us and it would seem that nobody is going to part with their copies of Blackstar just yet.

Also featured on the blog this week will be a huge chunk of Jungle 12inches that have been steadily filling the racks and yet more 90s Hardcore, you lucky people!

Rounding off the blog this week will be a selection of 7inches; Classic Rock, Reggae and an assemblage of demos all available for your perusal along with all of the other delights staff have been working hard to fill the racks with.

Let’s kick things off with some classic Bowie LPs shall we:

Pin Ups, David Bowie, The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars, Ziggy Stardust – The Motion Picture. All are heavyweight Audiophile LPs fully remastered and each is unplayed. They make up part of a box set that was released in September of last year on Parlophone. They’re beautifully presented and the artwork looks brilliant in their shiney new formats. These would be perfect for any Bowie completest or if you’re just finding out about Bowie for the first time (unlikely) either way they’re beautiful things and now’s the time for a Bowie resurgence. I’d recommend stripping down to your underwear, putting on some huge platforms and strutting around your house like a rockstar whilst you’re blaring these beauties.

Also out in the Bowie section this week is this little gem:

IMG_0900Let’s Dance, a rare original 1983 US EMI promotional only press pack comprising of two promo photos and a 7inch single. Also includes the original ’83 press release for the release. This is, again, perfect for a completest. Now, let’s have a proper bloody Bowie-out, where’s my platforms…

Goodbye Goblin King. Right, moving on. This week has been good for Jungle fans, our section is positively rammed full of excellence. There’s been so much of it going out this week. Here’s a quick look through the Jungle and Hardcore sections:

Check out these juggernauts of banging goodness:

DJ Crystl, Meditation/Warp Drive, 1993 on DeeJay Recordings. Warp Drive features a vocal sample from 80s kid’s favourite puppet based fun The Dark Crystal.

Dubtronix feat. G E Real, Murder Dem EP, a three track banger from 1994 0n Sub Assertive Sounds. Features the tracks Kill Some Sounds, Screwface and Dibi DJ.

Inna Rhythm, Carrie/Infinity, classic ’94 Jungle on Tone Def Recordings, the title track samples spooky speech from the film Carrie… “THEY’RE ALL GOING TO LAUGH AT YOU”

Goldseal Tribe, Free Winston Silcott, a white label from 1994. In support of Winston Silcott of the “Tottenham Three” wrongfully convicted of the murder of a police officer in 1985. Features the tracks Love Da Sunshine, No Justice No Peace, United We Stand and Machine Gun.

Liftin’ Spirits, Giggle N Rush, another white label from 1994 featuring the tracks Giggle N Rush, Break It Up and Will I Dream.

 Cutty Ranks/Papa San, Original Rude Boy Style (Remix)/Predominant (Remix), promo from 1995 on Jungle Fashion Records. The promo copy of this release was pressed with a jungle remix of Papa San’s Predominant on the flip instead of the Dark Justice Remix which is on the full release.

Also gracing the wall this week is this super rare belter:


DJ SS, Black, written, mixed and produced by Leroy Small this is a stone cold classic and features a vocal sample by Whitney Houston and an untitled track as the b-side.

In a similar vein we have this selection of limited edition Omni Trio 10inches that went out this week too:

Rollin’ Heights – Foul Play + Deep Blue Remixes, from 1994 0n Moving Shadow features Nu Grooves ’94 (Deep Blue) and Rollin’ Heights (Foul Play)

Renegade Snares – Foul Play Remixes, from 1993 on Moving Shadow features Feel Good (Original In Demand) and Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix)

Soul Promenade – FBD Project + Nookie Remixes, from 1994 on Moving Shadow features Soul Promenade (Nookie Remix) and Living For The Future (FBD Project Remix)


Rolling along with some other appealing additions on the Dance Side:

Calibre, Overflow, 5×12″ on Signature Records and LTJ Bukem’s Logical Progression compilation from 1996 which features three 12inches chock full of tracks by Bukem, Peshay, PFM and Chameleon. Anything from the Logical Progression series is an excellent way to start on a journey into DnB.

There’s been a wide variety of 7inches going out on the shop floor this week, let’s start with a selection of interesting demos from the racks:

Ron Grainer, Man In A Suitcase, from the TV Series Man In A Suitcase this is a demo from 1967 on Pye Records in a company sleeve with a four-pronged push-out centre. Tickle Me Tootsie Wootsies by Janie Jones with High And Dry on the flip-side, a 1967 novelty on Columbia Records in a company sleeve. Chameleon, Who Am I, and incredibly rare UK promo from 1971 on CBS in a company sleeve and The Velvet Underground, Sweet Jane with Rock N Roll on the flip, a UK promo from 1979 on Atlantic.

Some Reggae 7inches have gone on display this week:

Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus, None A Jah Jah Children/Glory Dawn, an original UK Grounation pressing from 1975, Roots classic.

Bob Marley & The Wailers, Rat Race, original Roots classic on Tuff Gong from 1975.

Milton Henry, Gypsy Woam/Gypsy Dub, original 1976 on Cactus, cut to Curtis Mayfield’s classic.

Pauline of Brown Sugar with Dambala, Me And My Dread/Dubwise, 1980 original UK Roots.

Rounding things off this week are some odds and sods from, literally, all over the shop:

David Lynch and Alan R. Splet, Eraserhead – Soundtrack, music to the oddball classic Eraserhead from 1982 on Alternative Tentacles, the movie is also directed by Lynch and features the late great Jack Nance. You’ve Come A Long Way Baby by Fatboy Slim, the album that propelled him into superstardom, a double LP on Skint Records from 1998. Jamie Read’s subliminal The End Of The Beginning, a triple 12inch release from 1997 on Fragmented Records. Lastly Mariah Carey, The Emacipation Of Mimi, from 2005, a time when long-winded, self-indulgent, alter-ego titles were rife, on Def Jam… I really have nothing more to say about this release, she’s a twat lovely lady with too much money mad skills!

As always, a playlist of all the tracks featured in this week’s blog post can be found here. This week my playlist is full of dusty gems that I’ve rediscovered when stumbling across a load of my old mix CDs made back in Napster days! As you’ll be able to tell, the genres are all over the place and I was heavily into Cohen Brothers’ and Jim Jarmusch movies. Enjoy.

We out!