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A merry new year to everyone, it’s 2016, another year is done and dusted. It has been an exceptional year for record sales. 2015 saw the first ever LP sales album chart, Urban Outfitters became the biggest purveyors of vinyl and Tescos are now going to start stocking LPs in their supermarkets. What a crazy world. Reckless has been doing really well during this vinyl resurgence and we’ve enjoyed customers, old and new, coming to visit us in Soho as we hope to continue enjoying it throughout this year. Probably could have done without the customer who had shat their pants in the shop though to be honest, definite highlight of the year.

So, kicking things off with the first blog post of 2016, this week I’ll be writing about some great Rock and Pop pieces, Oasis memorabilia, African and Afrobeat, more 90s Hardcore and Jungle and some “sweet Reggae music.”

Starting things off we have this selection of lovelies taken from the Rock Wall:

Bob Dylan The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3: 1961-1993 which features 5 LPs chock full of rare and unreleased Dylan for your earholes and a 70-page booklet with extensive liner notes on each track – delightful. This track doesn’t feature on this particular box set but it’s from the Bootleg Series so will give you an idea of what to expect. Also, it’s about the only Dylan track I can stomach, so, yeah:

Mazzy Star She Hangs Brightly a UK Rough Trade original from 1990, Shoegaze at it’s finest. Bashy bashy drums a-plenty here:

“Everyone’s” favourite: Father John Misty I Love You, Honeybear released in February of 2015 this ex-Fleet Foxes wunderkind has blown a lot of heads off with his second release to date and we’ve got this fancy-pants edition for sale at the moment. It’s a completely sealed up, double dual-coloured LP which plays music when you open up the gatefold sleeve. Like a pop-up book for the Millennial Generation, dude knows his audience! It also features artwork by the hugely talented Stacey Rozich.

Lastly is the Smile Sessions by The Beach Boys, this box set is a wonderful compilation of outtakes that gives you an insight into how the Beach Boys created their iconic sound. This release features three LPs of goodness plus a poster and session sheets. Lots of Beach Boys classics in a way that isn’t as familiar as what you’re used to hearing:

Next up, we got our hands on some tasty Oasis memorabilia in a collection

A couple of concert ticket stubs from 1997 and a VIP lanyard from the Earl’s Court show. Plus, original backstage passes from the 90s that have been affixed to the liner notes of a Japanese copy of Definitely, Maybe. Obviously none of these are valid anymore but they’re still a glorious thing to own and you can live vicariously through someone else’s memories via the means of discarded paraphernalia.

Now, on to this Hardcore and Jungle. The 12″ sections have been steadily filling up and being emptied by happy and content customers on the prowl for some “heavy drums” and these stunners will be snapped up soon too no doubt:

The Sorcerer Set Your Body Free/Amp Destructor, UK Hardcore from 1992 on After Dark.

Inta-Warriors (Grooverider) Dreams of Heaven [Silence Mix/Chance Mix], Jungle from 1993 on Dee Jay Recordings.

U.F.O Squad Dead & Bury [original/Resurrection mix], Jungle from 1995 on Aboriginal Records.

Lewie/Fusion Jungle Love pt. 2/Feelings, more Jungle from 1994 on 3rd Party.

Next up, we have these two Fela Kuti box sets on display above the counter. I’m fairly sure there isn’t a member of staff at Reckless that doesn’t enjoy Fela Kuti, in fact, it’s difficult not to enjoy his music. These box sets take you on a journey through his back catalogue (which is extensive) of the infectiously beautiful music he was producing in the 70s and 80s. They’re part of a series of four. Box Set 1 features six remastered LPs: Open & Close, Gentleman, Upside Down, Yellow Fever, J.J.D (Johnny Just Drop!!) – Live!! At Kalakutta Republik, I.T.T. (International Thief Thief). Box Set 2 also features six remastered LPs: Shakara, Expensive Shit, Monkey Banana, Sorrow Tears And Blood, Authority Stealing. Both also include postcards and a booklet and are both limited editions. Massively political Fela Kuti’s influence on African and Funk music is unavoidable, his sound is everywhere in these genres. Chances are you will have heard of him but maybe not listened to him, if you haven’t then you’ll hear his oeuvre in most of the things you listen to already.

Also on the African tip we have this brilliant compilation; a 1970, UK CBS 16-track compilation LP which features tracks to accompany a book of the same name, with dates from 1928 to 1968 and locations from Texas to Ghana. Front laminated picture sleeve with extensive notes from Paul Oliver.


Moving on with some Reggae, as always the section is rammed full of a variety of styles and sounds on 12″ and LPs. The 7″ boxes and “Reggae 7s Patchwork Quilt” on the wall have also been added to recently making us your one-stop-shop for all things of the Reggae variety.


Fabian, Prophecy, a mid-nineties, second press deep Roots anthem on Tribesman.

U-Roy, Natty Rebel, a 1976 press of this classic on TR Groovemaster. Maytals, Monkey Man, 1969 press on Trojan. Danny Red, Armagideon, 1991 press on Tuff Nuff Music. Errol Dunkley/Phil Pratt All Stars, Black Cinderella/Our Anniversary, 1972 press on Camel.

Rounding off with some odds and ends, we always have a diverse selection of genres available in the shop, sometimes it’s difficult to know how to tie them all in together to write about but here we go:

Miles Davis, On The Corner, a UK CBS original in Stereo. Frankie Knuckles’ Choice: A Collection Of Classics, featuring the likes of Alexander O’Neal, Candido, Deodato and Postivie Force plus many more. Powerline, Your The Girl, a rare UK Boogie 12″ on PLR Records.

As always, a playlist of all the tracks featured on this week’s blog post can be found here and it’s quite a big’un this week. Next week is going to be a mega-playlist of staff’s selections of their favourite tracks of 2015.

We out!