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What a great week it’s been at Reckless, we got a massive collection that spans loads of genres, this week I’ll be talking about some of the Industrial and Indie bits from it. Also covering some super rare 7inches; few first pressings and whatnot. Then rounding off with some more of the Soul, Funk and Disco from last week’s collection that featured on last week’s blog.

Kicking things off, let’s have a gander at some of the Industrial that went out this week:

Swans, A Screw, three track 12inch EP from 1986, as with most Swans releases these tracks also appear on various other albums and compilations but only released together on this 12 as one title. Swans, Untitled (Young God), EP from 1984, this release features all tracks from the aforementioned 12inch along with an additional track. This is an untitled release but is often referred to as Young God.

Douglas P. Deluge: Death In June, The Guilty Have No Pride, LP with matte-sleeve repress from 1983 on New European Recordings. Death In June, “Nada!”, LP with textured sleeve from 1985 on New European Recordings. Death In June, She Said Destroy, three track 12inch from 1984 on New European Recordings. Death In June, Born Again, three track 12inch from 1985 on New European Recordings with an embossed sleeve.

Throbbing Gristle, Heathen Earth, black vinyl UK pressing from 1980 on Industrial Records, you can actually watch the whole of this album being recorded live in 1980 here. Lastly, Cut Hands, Damballah 58, limited edition 12inch from 2013 on Blackest Ever Black, this didn’t happen to go out this past week but I’m including it because, William Bennett, the man’s a friggin’ legend.

This week also saw loads of really nice US and UK Indie, Punk and Metal fill the racks, lookit:


Notable silly-billy Danzig, II Lucifuge, this second album from Samhain leftovers is Glenn Danzig with his band of presumably miserable men, brilliant Heavy Metal from 1990 on Def American.

Pavement, Perfect Sound Forever, classic US Indie on Drag City from 1990, this is a sealed copy of this 10inch which was Pavement’s third release before their debut album Slanted And Enchanted.

Elliott Smith, XO, a rare and limited US copy of this wonderful album from 1998 on Bong Load. This album precedes 2000’s Figure 8 that propelled Elliott Smith to super-indie-stardom and has a similar feel, it features the song Sweet Adeline that shows what an adept lyricist he could be. I find it very difficult to even think about Elliott Smith without wanting to weep so I’ll leave it at that.

Teenage Fanclub, Songs from Northern Britain, the only ever vinyl pressing of this UK Indie smasher from 1997 on Creation Records. Some consider Teenage Fanclub to be Brit-Pop but I don’t really think so. For starters they didn’t have the typical greasy 90s “wet-look” hair, they’re just lovely jangly Indie from the Brit-Pop era.

The Slits, Cut, UK original pressing on Island from 1979. Not only one of the best band names for an all female group but one of the best album titles and sleeves of all time. This album is an all-round winner and an original pressing too, get in!

Speaking of Brit-Pop, this week also saw these classic British LPs go up on the wall:

The Stone Roses’ self-titled debut, heralded as the dawning of the Brit-Pop era this is a limited reissue from 1991 on Silvertone Records in a gatefold sleeve. The Charlatans, Tellin’ Stories, original UK pressing from 1997 on Beggars Banquet. Oasis, Be Here Now, another UK original on Creation Records, double LP in a gatefold sleeve from 1997. Blur, Blur, original 1997 LP on Parlophone/Food in a gatefold sleeve. Hmm, Oasis £75 and Blur £40, the price of a record isn’t a good reflection on the quality of the music that’s on it but who really knows which band won, the debate rages on.


The 7inch section has had some wondrous new additions… added to it this week including a number of very rare and pretty goddamn special pieces:

The Sisters Of Mercy, Damage Done, original UK 3-track single from 1980 on Merciful Release, only 1000 copies were issued, early Goth Rock at it’s finest.

Iron Maiden, The Soundhouse Tapes, the band’s first ever release before their self-titled debut, a rare genuine copy of this EP from 1979 on Rock Hard Records, the hefty price tag buys you a piece of NWOBHM history people, HISTORY.

The Cure, Killing An Arab, UK original pressing on Small Wonder Records from 1978. This is one of only 15000 copies ever officially pressed and released on Small Wonder before their 1979 debut Three Imaginary Boys that the b-side of this single is the opening track of. The title track was subsequently renamed Kissing An Arab and Killing Another on the later live releases it featured on.

The amount of rare and desireable Soul Funk and Disco 12s and LPs that have been being poured into the relevant sections hasn’t quit this week. Last week’s offerings have mostly been snapped up by customers chomping at the bit to get their hands on these beauts already, fear not friends, there’s still more to see:



Omari, After Loving You, US original Bound Sound pressing from 1983 with an instrumental b-side, yessir, you can boogie!

Smooth AF!

Fresh Band, Come Back Lover, US 1984 original on Are ‘n Be Records. as with all of the titles from this particular collection they’ve been kept so fastidiously well that they’re all in immaculate condition. Anyway, here’s this last days of disco classic:


Rounding off this week are two Reggae titles, our Reggae section has been a little scant of late but these two bubblers wont fail to disappoint:

Movement/The Jamdown Players, No Man Is An Island/Levi’s Choice, UK original Jammy production from 1980 on Ballistic Records.

“Bit sweet for me”

The Wailers, Catch A Fire, a 1973 original pressing in the ‘Zippo’ hinged sleeve. Quintessential Roots Reggae, absolutely stunning

As always, a playlist of all the tracks featured on this week’s blog can be found here.

We out!