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Hello Hello,

Welcome to this week’s blog post, it’s been a busy week, Jimmy Page made a reappearance, we finally got copies of Blackstar and all Reckless staff worked hard to fill those racks with the finest in second-hand musical product.

This week I’ll be discussing all the Soul Funk and Disco 12inches that have not only gone into the section but up on the wall they’re so delightful. Also some great Electronic releases, the new reissues from this week and some nice Indie bits.

Kicking this off this week though are these lovelies from the wall:


Rodriguez, Cold Fact, early 70s South African pressing on A&M Records with a slightly different, more psychedelic sleeve to the original.


Radiohead, In Rainbows, double CD and 12″ limited edition box set released in 2007 on Xurbia Xendless Limited. Sigur Ros, Takk, UK original from 2005 on EMI, two LPs plus a single-sided, etched 10″. Throbbing Gristle, Discipline, UK original on Fetish Records from 1981, limited edition 12″. Misfits, Die Die My Darling, US 1984 pressing on Plan 9, black vinyl with purple logo.


Next up, let’s take a quick look through the Soul Funk and Disco 12 inch section before taking a peep at the rare selections from the wall:


Greg Henderson, Never Too Late (To Find Love)/Instrumental, Boogie 12″ from 1984 on Rain Records featuring Rome Jefferies on lead vocals. Blair, Night Life/Virgo Princess, UK 1979 pressing on Miracle Records, classic disco.


Hudson People, Trip To Your Mind/Power Hour, UK 1979 original on Ensign. Universal Robot Band, Barely Breaking Even, Club and instrumental versions of this classic Disco from 1982 on Moonglow Records. Archie Bell, Touchin’ You/Instrumental, WMOT Records Canadian pressing from 1982. Lisa Hill, I’m On The Real Side, Vocal and Instrumental on Qit Records.


Also gracing the walls and racks of the Dance Side this week are a few nice Electronic releases:



Warp Records have signed some of the most interesting and creative purveyors of Electronic dance music over the years and these three are fine examples.

Aphex Twin, Richard D. James Album, a lairy and beautiful album from 1996. Aphex has been what’s made Warp Records so Warpy since he was signed, he’d really hit his stride by the mid-nineties so this album and his previous, I Care Because You Do, are quintessential Warp releases.

Squarepusher, Port Rhombus EP, a three track release from 1996 classic Squarepusher style of lovely and bonkers Drum&Bass , the title track is a complete banger. Damogen Furies, Squarepusher’s latest release on Warp from 2015. He’s been a relatively prolific artist in comparison to his one time partner-in-crime Aphex Twin and, I feel, lost his way a little but this latest album has him back sounding more like the Squarepusher he was in 2006. The track, D Frozent Aac, surges with such intensity and drags you through the kind of insane audio journey that only Squarepusher can.

Clark, Feast/Beast, a quadruple LP release of remixes by and of the handsy Chris Clark from 2013. After Aphex Twin released Drukqs in 2001 and dropped off the radar, Warp signed Chris Clark and he’s really maintained the sound that Aphex Twin had pioneered for the label; loud, fast, intense and complex dance music that kind of makes you want to fall over. His super-sonic production comes into play with the examples featured on this compilation.


Also out this week are these fine Indie specimens:

My Bloody Valentine, Ecstasy, original UK EP on Lazy Records from 1987, the sleeve is textured and matrixeseses are machine stamped. The New Record By, My Bloody Valentine, rare UK 12″ on Kaleidoscope Sound from 1986 and Sunny Sundae Smile another 12″ by My Bloody Valentine on Lazy Records from 1987.

Joy Division, Peel Sessions, brilliant limited edition UK Indie 12″ on Strange Fruit from 1987, this Peel Session features a fantastic clanky version of Love Will Tear Us Apart. Tad, God’s Balls, original US copy in a gatefold sleeve with poster from 1989, a fantastic Grunge album that, as stated, some consider to be better than Nevermind. Tad were a lesser known Grunge band of the era and are definitely worth a revisit or a first-time listen if you’ve not heard them before. God’s Balls is a good place to start.


Our New Reissues section has had some dynamite additions this week, fantastic albums, all new and sealed at really reasonable prices:

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Hawkwind by Hawkwind, their first release from 1970. Marvin Gaye, I Want You, originally released in 1976. A Tribe Called Quest, People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm, their first album from 1990. Massive Attack, Mezzanine, classic Bristolian double LP from 1998. Beastie Boys, Ill Communication, the ridiculously good/best Beasties album from 1994. Caribou, Swim,  released in 2010 this album is worth every penny, it’s entirely enjoyable from bumping start to swishy finish, also comes with a download card for the Remixes album.


As always, a playlist of all the tracks featured on this week’s blog can be found as a playlist here.

We out!