Reckless Records LDN Blog ~ 002




It’s been a busy week here at Reckless, lots of new stuff arriving and exciting things going out. One of our buyers went on an epic buying mission to Essex, to give you an idea of what something like that entails I’m posting some photos of the piles of music that our buyer had to wade through:

This is typically what happens when we go to somebody’s house to look at their collection, you’ll be there all day and hopefully you’ll be offered tea. It’s often an exciting process to be able to go and acquire a lot of brilliant things for the shop. It can take a while to filter down and start going out onto the shop floor but when it gets out there the process is complete and you get to sell things to people who say “I’ve been after this for ages, can’t believe I’ve found it.” This never fails to make us smile.

This week has seen some interesting Psychedelic LPs going onto the wall as well as a large selection of Bollywood Soundtracks along with our usuals; lots of classic rock, indie, jazz, reggae, hip hop, house and techno.

A couple of interesting and tasty selections are these two excellent Psychedelic LPs:

Mad River by Mad River is a mega rare UK mono original and features this great track The War Goes On, at twelve minutes long it’s kind of epic but things like that happened then because, drugs. Still well worth a listen if you like your drums heavy and your guitar riff noodley.

Escalator by Sam Gopal has become a somewhat legendary album as it features the first ever appearance by a Mr. Ian Fraser Kilmister better known, adoringly, as Lemmy. This copy is a UK Stable original and it’s in Very Good condition. Here’s a Lemmy heavy track, the opener, Cold Embrace.

There’s a triple barreled assault of Swans LPs out there this week, all are original issues in lovely condition.

Filth, Laugh and Cop. Michael Gira never fails to disappoint with whatever random isht he chooses to put out there. Filth is a firm favourite. The video for the track Stay Here features one of the dustiest dance routines I’ve ever witnessed, watching it makes me want to cough, saying that I do plan on learning it and recreating it all the way down the shop this week…

Here’s a quick look through some New Arrivals and New Reissues from this week:

Blood Lust by Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats also went out this week, another favourite. I’m getting ever more excited about seeing Om on Thursday so will be having a Stoner/Doom inspired week, this will get some rotation. If John Lennon ever made Metal it would have sounded like this…


And sticking with the heavier side of things, here’s a quick look through our Metal section, quite a few nice bits this week.

As already mentioned, we scooped up a bunch of Bollywood soundtracks this week. The artwork on these LPs is beautiful and there are some really interesting pieces in the collection.

More heavy drums here, Mahua, which is composed by Sonik Omi and features the track Sajan Tere Pyar Mein performed by Asha Bhosle. I’d be surprised if this hasn’t been sampled.

Some nice Jazz LPs have gone out this week; The Frank Ricotti Quartet with Our Point of View 1969 UK original, Miles Davis Kind of Blue is a stone cold classic. This is a 1969 CBS Mono press but we always have this album available as a reissue in the shop. Also Miles Davis’ E.S.P, another UK CBD Mono from 1969

Here’s an interesting version of Miles Davis’ Freddie Freeloader with studio sequences and outtakes.

And a quick flip through our Jazz New Arrivals, the New Arrivals sections are updated every day so it’s always worth coming in to have a browse.

On the dancey, souly, funky hippidy hoppidy side of the shop this week, along with our always stuffed racks of Soul, Funk, Disco, Techno, House and Hip Hop, we’ve had a couple of nice 90s Hardcore 12″ come in. Uncle 22 & Navigator Choose One and X Project Walking in The Air which features 4 mixes. Here’s Mix 1. Well lairy and well topical as it’s christmas soon innit!

Some collectible Soul Funk and Disco 7s went up above the counter as part of our “lovely and desirable” display. Disco Dub Band For The Love of Money, Pazant Brothers And The Beaufort Express Chick A Boom (oops, I photographed the B-Side) Mboga-Chakula and James Mason Sweet Power Your Embrace which is a ’77 original promo… fancy.

Rub some funk on it

Also displayed above the counter this week is this bargain of a box set; The History of The House Sound: Chicago it’s 120 tracks spread across 12 LPs and features the likes of Positive Force, Fat Larry’s Band, Fingers Inc., Marshall Jefferson, Philly Cream plus loads more. It’s jam-packed full of classics that take you on a journey through the history of Chicago House anda bargain at 60 smackers.


As always, all the tracks featured on this weeks blog post can be found as a playlist here.

And as I’m all hyped up on Stoner Doom and Sludge, here’s my stoney doomy sludgey playlist for this week. Get ready for some slow head boppin’

We out!