Very Much Buying was had!

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Crazy, crazy buying this week. More than we have bought in quite some time. Lets get started!

Wowza, we bought some seriously rare 60’s (and some 70’s) 45s this week. Loads of very in-demand rarities. Pretty much all come with the original Company Sleeve, and most are in very decent shape! We bought them from a regular who always has killer stuff and has been buying and selling with us for years. In the collection are tonnes of demos too! Artists like The Yardbirds, Small Faces, Gracious, The Undertakers, The Measles, Brian Poole, Rare Bird, Zoot Money, The Pentad, Rockin’ Horse, Fairfield Parlour, Toe-Fat, The Mastermind, Glass Menagerie, Denny Seyton, The Alan Brown Set, Spooky Tooth, Sam Apple Pie, Skid Row, Sounds Incorporated, The V.I.P.’s, The Zephyrs, Mayfield’s Mule, Trendsetter Limited, Opus, Brainbox, Aubery Small, Writing On The Wall, Tony Knight, Danny Storm, Dave Lee, Judas Jump yadayadayada. Some seriously Freaky Bits!!! Certainly not records you see everyday!

Loads of Reggae in this week! Several DUB LPs from Scientist, few Dub ones from Studio One, Some Greensleeves Barrington Levy, Tommy McCook, UK original of Symarip on CLEAR VINYL (very rare!), some Skinhead singles, several Lee Perry LPs and 12″s. We also had loads of Reggae CDs come in this week. There were quite a few Out Of Print Trojan Records titles in there.

Loads of KILLER Disco also came in, I put loads of pictures up on our Instagram. I was off sick that day and it was pretty exciting getting constant updates of the killer biscuits rolling in. From P&P Classics like Cloud One to Hudson People to rare The Rah Band. All the Spacey titles too. These seem to be actually flying out the door. Some very rare titles in this lot too.

I bought in a really killer Free Jazz and Improv collection at the tail end of last week. Some seriously beautiful Records here. Love it. From underground US Free Jazz to Hardcore Improv – lots of players from all around the world: Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, John Zorn, Paul Bley, John Surman, Matthew Shipp, Michael J Smith, Steve Beresford…These are from the late 70s right up to early Noughties.

More rudeboy Jungle and Hardcore went out this week. Lots of Killer tunes. A real mix of old classics and high quality reissues (on labels such as Sub Logic and Ninety Two Retro). There were tunes from Babylon Timewarp, DJ Crystl, LTJ Bukem, Basic Rhythm, Xenophobia, Foul Play, The Moog, Acen, Nookie, Bay B Kane etc. Love it!!!

The guy with all the 80s records from last week with a huge pile of records for us (he must have a massive collection lol!). This time there was a lot of Psychedelia, Punk, Post Punk, Noise, Indie Rock… Some super nice titles from The Saints, 13th Floor Elevators, Brian Eno, Devo, Iggy & The Stooges, Sparks… Always killer never filler!

The CD team had a massive shake up the other day, you may notice the CD side have a load of new Sections. They have also reorganised the cabinets and the new Recommendation Wall! The Tapes are also all in the same place. They did a great job! They also bought in a seriously mental amount of CDs this week. Today they bought in about 300! Today some really nice Japanese CDs came in, a great mixture of Easy Listening/Exotica and Jazz. Some really rare titles there!!

Duncan was in on Monday and bought in a load of really nice 70s titles. This included original albums from Cream, Fotheringay, Sandy Denny, Clark Hutchinson, Fairport Convention, The Beatles, David Crosby. Loads more, all original!

We have our Christmas Party on Friday so please be nice to us on Saturday!

The Brainiac Five have a gig coming up!

Our friend Tommy Shotton (who used to work in Beanos!) from Man Diamond (and he was also in Do Me Bad Things and many other bands!). Gave us this Top Ten. Thanks buddy!

1. AL Lloyd – Leviathan! Ballads and Songs of the Whaling Trade
2. Captain Beyond – Lost and Found: Demos 1972-73
3. Billy Harper – Soran Bushi
4. Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock ‘n’ Roll
5. Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun single
6. Locklatar och musik pa horn och piper: Ancient Swedish pastoral music
7. Death – Individual Thought Patterns
8. AOR Global Vol. 1
9. Steve Winwood – While You See a Chance single
10. Spiritual Jazz Vol 7: Islam


Thanks Tommy!

Check out XMANDIAMONDX here:

Rap, Punk, Drum & Bass in a Christmas Stylee!!!

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This week has been insanely busy, stock has been flying out the door quicker than you can even imagine! Theres been some serious buying this week however, so fear not! As you probably know we have a pretty quick turnover at Reckless. Usually if we put something out we expect it to sell within a week. Its fairly rare that stock doesn’t go that quick. Lots of people have started buying Christmas presents from us; we got tonnes of nice bits in right now; and if you can’t find anything we also sell Gift Vouchers!

Talking of Christmas, I will be pricing all of the Christmas Vinyl up tomorrow in time for December the 1st. We are also planning on reorganising the CDs tomorrow and sprucing it all up a bit.

Tom bought in an absolutely wicked CD collection this week – a few thousand CDs. Its a real mix of stuff like Jazz, Rock, Indie, Soundtracks, Punk, Techno, Soul etc but the best stuff has to be the huge amount of KILLER 90’s Rap CDs. There are loads of really rare titles, the guy had amazing taste: UGK, Mobb Deep, Intelligent Hoodlam, Public Enemy, Group Home, Helter Skelter, Gang Starr, Spice 1, The Notorious BIG, Nas…..

About 100 of these CDs are going out everyday; and they are selling super quick. These CDs are all in perfect condition too. We only sell CDs that are near perfect unless they have Marked But Guaranteed stickers (and even these should be in great condition!

I bought in a real stonking 80s collection from a fairly regular seller on Tuesday. He always sells in killer records and this was no exception. There was nearly an entire collection from The Cramps (surely one of the greatest bands of all time?), all The Ramones, Dead Boys, Richard Hell, Radio Birdman, Circle Jerks (one of the best 12″s ever;  just perfect), The Misfits, The Velvet Underground, The Meteors, Shockabilly, Husker Du, The Clash. You know the score. There were also a few US Roots (and US Roots revivalists!) titles in there too. Just listen to how killer the Circle Jerks were:

Rinsing out!! Scott bought in a load of biddy-biddy badboy Drum & Bass this week. All the classics mate. Half of it went straight in the cheap (a whole new row!) and half is getting processed. Loads of Good Looking Records, Hospital, V, Ram etc. Some huge records here.  We also bought in quite a few Drum & Bass LPs this week. Plus we have a copy of the latest 12″ from the always killer Tim Reaper.

Lots of Jazz came in this week too; Blue Notes especially. I’ve been trying to get as many pics up of all of the Jazz on our Instagram so its a good idea to keep on top of that if you want first dibs, Loads of Herbie Hancock in this week especially. I also bought in a fair few Improv and Free Jazz titles that I will get out tomorrow hopefully.

Quite a few interesting 60s titles this week too; including a nice White Album and a very rare Picture Disc from The Beatles. There were also rare LPs in decent condition from Nico, Small Faces, The Hollies, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd.

The Brainiac Five have a gig coming on the 15th of December with The Green Ray and Jessie Pie! Don’t miss out!


This week we have a Top Ten from the coolest man in Dublin Eddie Kenrick. Eddie is in The Number Ones and The Pacifics – he also played in Crowd Control and DJs Reggae regularly in Dublin! Eddie gave us a much larger Top Ten which I appreciate.


Kleenex/LiLiput – Hitch-Hike

The Bats – Made Up in Blue

Arthur Comics – Isgodaman

Shonen Knife – Cycling is Fun (‘Yama-no Attchan’ version)

Television Personalities – The Glittering Prizes

T.S.U. Tornadoes – Got to Get Through to You

Stalag 17 – Doomsday Machine (‘From Belfast With Love’ demo version)

Arthur Russell – What It’s Like

Gang Starr – Work The La’s – Looking Glass

Charlene and the Soul Serenaders – Love Changes

Van Morrison – Jackie Wilson Said

Efialtis – Na’sai

Richard and Linda Thompson – I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight

Gene Pitney – It Hurts to Be in Love

Aslan – This Is

The Vapors – News at Ten

Gun Outfit – Legends of My Own

The Blades – Hot For You (demo)

Thane Russal – Security

The Freshmen – You’ve Never Heard Anything Like It

Toy Love – Don’t Ask Me

The Beatles – There’s a Place

Phats and Small – Turn Around

That Paul McCartney and Nirvana song that sounds like Wolfmother


I recommend you watch this video from The Number Ones; I actually think its the best music video ever made. Thank you for the music!

It Was All A Dream!!!

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Its been another busy week. Sorting this horrible leak has been taking up most of our time again. We’ve gone through it so hardcore just because we don’t want anyone getting even 1% affected stock and we’re happy we’ve done a thorough job!! It’s been incredibly busy this week, with loads of stock flying out at a superhuman speed. The Progressive/Psychedelic collection absolutely flew out. There are still some really good bits from it going out so keep checking. We also found a few hundred Jungle/Drum & Bass 12″s that have been going out, as well as more of the UK Garage. I have been jamming out loads of Classic Rock this week; just to make sure we have all of the staple titles in the racks for the run up to Christmas. I also priced up a load more Black Metal and Black Metal titles (I think thats the last of them now).

Some great stuff in this week. Firstly I bought in a load of really great Experimental titles from one of our regular sellers (himself a famous artist/musician/journalist). This included nearly a full run of the large oversize Mego Records cds. Mego was a killer label from Austria that was responsible for artists like Fennesz, Jim O’Rourke, Pita, Hecker, Fransisco Lopez, Merzbow, Peter Rehberg, Russell Haswell etc. Lots of great glitchy electronic sounds. I remember these sounds incredibly futuristic at the time. It really felt that they were doing something different. From the same collection came a few hardcore Improv LPs. Please note: due to the awkward size of these CD sleeves they are on display next to the Jazz.

From an old friend (and notorious Italo Disco promoter) I bought in some really tasty records last night. It was a wild mix of super rare Technical Death Metal LPs, Modern Italo rarities, very expensive Computer Game soundtrack LPs, Cosmic 45s, Post Metal/Post Rock standards from artists like Jesu, Isis, Earth etc. There are some super cool records here.

To go along with all of the Rare Psychedelia and Progressive Rock we bought in this week we bought in a rare Daddy Longlegs LP this week. Its their last LP, Shifting Sands, from 1972 on Polydor. We have the UK original. No youtube clips from this LP so here is one from one of their other ones:

Lots more great CDs in this week. A whole bunch of really great Japanese Progressive Rock / Classic Rock titles. Artists like Camel, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Genesis, Wishbone Ash. You know the score! Classic albums, and probably one of the best ways to hear them with the right stereo. Lots of very rare Indian CDs also came in this week. We have been playing through these and a lot of them are actually amazing. Tonnes of rare Beat/Psych CDs too: from the UK to the USA to all over the world.  Loads of killer Reggae CDs; including a really nice collection of late 80s Dancehall titles. Rare to come through on CD.

Also on the Reggae front – some nice LPs and 12″s came in this week. Lots of classic titles (including loads from Bob Marley), classic Roots tune “Light Up Your Spliff” from George Nooks, plus some super obscure titles such as Roar Oh Lion from The Ventilators.

We also bought in some killer 90s Rap titles this week: original US copies from Nas, The Notorious BIG, Scarface, Wu Tang Clan, DJ Shadow etc. Condition is variable but these are hard to find in any condition these days!!!!

We also bought in a huge pile of P-Funk and James Brown/JB’s titles this week. Like about 50 titles!!! You just can’t mess with these records.

I also bought in a copy of this weird Post/Punk Indie 12″. Its really, really rare. Has a bit of a Felt/The Cure vibe. Its really good actually.

I better stop here as I’m just off to a collection in Peckham!

This weeks Top Ten is from the Lord of the Memes; the POUNDLANDBANDIT!!!



10. Product Of Waste – You won’t Take Me Alive; Fast, pissed off hardcore, one of the best to come out in recent years. RIP Terry.

9. Milk Music – Beyond Living; stupidly good garage/fuzz punk from Olympia, Washington, listened to this EP more than I can count since it’s release.

8. Battery – Only the diehard remain; one of the best straight edge bands ever, period.

7. Moss Icon – Lyburnum Wits End; One of the emo-hardcore pioneers, super raw with weird and wicked lyrics.

6. Special Move – Curse of the black water; Makes me want to spin kick everyone in the entire world at the same time. Essex’s finest.

5. Orchid – Chaos is me; proper 90’s screamo, not this b*llocks your 15 year old nephew listens to.

4. Saves The Day – Can’t Slow Down; wicked pop/emo-punk when it was still fast and everyone wore chunky skate shoes. Know most of these songs off by heart

3. Misfits – Static Age; one of the first albums that got me into hardcore/punk and it’s a timeless banger.

2. Depeche Mode – Black Celebration; Only like this to impress moody birds who wear all black

1. Black Sabbath – Master Of Reality; Come on mate I don’t even have to explain.

(Bonus Entry – My Chemical Romance – I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love; legitimately ones of the best emo punk albums ever and I know every song)


Check POUNDLANDBANDITs Instagram here:


Cheers geezer!!!!!!

Let The Progression Sessions Begin!!!

Salut from Reckless!!!


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It’s been a really full on week so far. Exactly what didn’t need after Static Shock Weekender (which was absolutely amazing by the way!).

Firstly there was a huge leak from upstairs over the weekend. Loads of water was streaming in as we opened the shop, and a fair bit of stock was damaged. So this week has mostly been taken up by assessing the damage and clearing out any wet stock. This has obviously been a right nightmare so we needed a few things to boost the staff morale. This came with a collection from Kent. An absolutely banging collection of all things weird. There were about 1500 titles in total – split between CDs and Vinyl.

The collection spans Progressive Rock, Psychedelia, Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Kosmiche, Garage, Canterbury, Folk, African, Funk, Fusion, Jazz, Avant Garden. Just here in my pricing pile are classic titles from artists like: Frumpy, Agitation Free, Uriah Heep, Spooky Tooth, Kingdom Come, Taste, Man, Three Man Army, Incredible String Band, Cream, Country Joe & The Fish, The Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Ragnarok, Colosseum, Led Zeppelin, Family, David Bowie, The Who, Sweet Smoke, The Pentangle, Caravan, Atomic Rooster, Jefferson Airplane, The Savage Rose, Brian Eno, King Crimson, Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, New York Dolls, Patti Smith, The Kinks, Lou Reed, Janis Joplin, Yardbirds, Groundhogs, Lord Such, Ginger Baker, Felt Kuti, Jimi Hendrix, Exuma, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Vanilla Fudge, John Martyn, The Pretty Things, Robert Wyatt, Jobriath, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, The Beatles, Ravi Shankar, Can, Kapingbdi, Kevin Coyne….

Its a really cool collection. Quite a few of the titles have really interesting Psychedelic scribbling on the inner sleeves (only if they are plain sleeves) – some of them are really cool. There are a lot of super obscure records in here too; from all genres. Lots of beautifully garish sleeves. The CDs are totally similar, and include lots of nice Box Sets as well as some DVDs. Its a really great collection and will go out as soon as we can price it up!

We had a nice small selection of Punk records come in yesterday: all very clean. Cock Sparrer, Sham 69, Sex Pistols, Cockney Rejects, The Business. These will go out ASAP.

Loads more of that UK Garage has gone out this week. As well as a lot of Jungle and Drum & Bass. Scott was also pricing up some original Rap rarities; including titles from Souls Of Mischief, De La Soul and Lord Finesse.

Some more Metal has gone out this week (and also a fair bit has come in!). The stuff coming in has mainly been Relapse-ish Doom-ish bands like Rwake, High On Fire, Sleep – and some more Black Metal.

Probably one of the rarest records we had in this week was a UK original copy of Distance Between Us by Don Bradshaw-Leather. This is an absolutely mad LP. Championed by the underground. Its a wild wall of sound that takes you on all sorts of journeys. I don’t know if its on the Nurse With Wound list but it has that vibe. Also in the same collection were rare titles from Richard Thompson, Mythos, Krokodil, Ike Quebec, Betty Davis, Ash Ra Temple etc. Unusual pile of LPs!!!

Lots of interesting collections coming up. I’d get down the shop – and fast!

This weeks Top Ten is from Walter Garber AKA Veloziped! Thanks Walter!!!


1) M People – Moving On Up (Unreleased KDJ Edit) (NDATL)

2) Black Boxx – Final EP (Ferrispark)

3) Secret Society – Lonely Hearts Club (Secret Society)

4) SW./ SVN (SUED 18)

5) DJ Fett Burger – Track One (Mongo Fett)

6) KH – Question (Text)

7) The Disciples of Jovan Blade – Take Me Away (Mojuba)

8) Tolouse Low Trax – Rushing Into Water (Themes For Great Cities)

9) Young Seth & Omar-S – Deep (Tuskegee Music)

10) Funkadelic Vs. Moodymann – Let’s Make It Last (Westbound)


Static Shock Festival and loads of vinyl!

Hola from Reckless!


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Feel the rush!

OK cool. This week has been a little quieter; which to be honest is no bad thing. We’ve had a bit of time to catch up after the last few months. You may have noticed that they are re-jigging the whole of Berwick Street. They are putting down a new (much larger) pavement so hopefully it will be a lot nicer once its all done. This work is meant to take about another week, so if you want to sell us your collection this week call us first and we will work out a way for you to get here easier (or maybe even come to you!).

We’ve been focusing on getting lots of super nice bits out this week. Loads of Punk and Hardcore went out in time for Static Shock; including records by Wire, Crisis, The Clash, Undertones, Bold, Poison Idea, Conflict, Crass, The Boys, Cabaret Voltaire, compilation 45 with The Execute, Concrete Sox etc).

Loads of really nice Soul came in this week – lots of nice original issues too. There were titles from artists like Aretha Franklin, Quincy Jones, Gil Scott Heron, Shuggie Otis, Edna Wright, Ann Peebles etc.

Some great original Blues LPs came in this week; Magic Sam, Jimmy Witherspoon, Johnny Young etc. Lovely condition.


We had a decent pile of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae 45s too. Really rare ones from Prince Buster, Dandy, The Skatalites, Andy Capp, The Dials, Derrick Morgan, Joya Landis, Lloyd Parks.

Loads of Rare Jungle, Hardcore and Rave going out at some point this weekend. We have some big boys from people like Orca, Acen, DJ Crystl, Remarc, Congo Natty, FBD Project, Ratty, LTJ Bukem, Slipmatt, Photek etc.

The racks are properly bulging at the moment – insane amount of killer records in right now from Apple Acetates to Rare UK Jazz to Original JA Dub to rare Banksy sleeve Blur 7″s. Absolutely mental amount of Classic Rock and UK Garage also went out this week so come check the sections whilst its quiet!!!!

We will be operating on a skeleton staff this weekend as loads of us are playing, DJing or organising (Tom!) Static Shock Festival. 21015957_10159121270920431_1434514061191003354_o.jpg

This is going to be really killer. Toru and me are playing a proper Hardcore/Acid/Jungle/Techno set on Friday night.

This week we have a Top Ten from our friends at Hot Salvation! Hot Salvation is a killer shop in Folkestone, Kent. George and Nat have both worked in record shops for ages and really know their stuff. Last time I went there I got some really killer records and had a few beers with the whole family after! Top Ten picked by George, hopefully we can get Nat to do one soon too!


1)Mariah – Utakata No Hibi (Better Days/Palto Flats)

2) Alice Coltrane – The Ecstatic Music Of (Luake Bop)

3) Jenny Hval – Blood Bitch (Sacred Bones)

4) Happy Meals – Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony (Optimo/OM SO LOW)
5) Brian Eno/David Byrne – My Life In The Bush of Ghosts (Sire)
6) Siouxsie And The Banshees – JuJu (Polydor)
7) Coil – Horse Rotorvator (Force And Form)
8) Terry Riley – A Rainbow In Curved Air (Columbia)
9) Lungfish – The Unanimous Hour (Dischord)
10) The Sods – Under En Sort Sol (Medley)
Thanks guys!

Tidal waves of vinyl crashing down on the Isle of Reckless



This post was written to the sounds of Paul Hardcastle.

It’s been really mad at Reckless this week. So much buying came in that we were constantly making trips to the bank to get more money! Apart from the huge collection I bought a few months ago this must be the most vinyl that has come in to the shop in years. Hopefully this will continue! Lets get started!

  1. I went to a collection at the end of last week in South London to look at a pretty big collection of Metal and Noise/Industrial. I had been to the house a few times and bought a lot of stuff, this time – he wanted to sell everything that was left (including a lot of the best stuff!). All in all I purchased about 400 Black Metal, Death Metal, Industrial and Noise LPs, 800 CDs, 200 7″s and 40 Cassettes. There are so many killer bits here: artists like Blasphemy, Volahn, Suffocation, Atrax Morgue, Con-Dom, Abigor, Mystifier, Incantation, Ildjarn, Whitehouse, Malevolent Creation, Immolation, Necromantia, Emperor, Immortal etc. Some very, very underground titles here as well as the slightly more famous artists listed above. Super kult! Great to have such an underground collection in.

2) Two HUGE collections of UK Garage came in this week. Plus someone has started bringing in about 20-30 Killer UKG titles a week as well. The guy who is bringing in the smaller amounts is bringing in super clean rarities from labels like VIP, Confetti and Cash Trax. The first collection was about 300 titles, and had a mix of UKG, Grime and Hip Hop. The second collection was a bit larger (about 500 records) and had a lot of decent UK Garage. The collection went from clean but standard titles from Locked On to really rare ones from people like EL-B and Anthill Mob. Loads of these records will be going out this weekend. We haven’t had much UKG in for a while so pretty bonkers that it all came in at the same time.

3) One dude has been coming in twice a day most days this week selling his Metal, Garage, Punk and Rock bits. Its always a mix of vinyl and CD. To sum up what kind of bits are coming in his last pile included rare LPs from Pop Punk artists like Pennywise and The Offspring, loads of rare Sub Pop 45s, Autopsy CDs, Fat Wreck Chords titles on CD, Nashville Pussy/Turbonegro Garage rock singles and an LP by Part Chimp thats gone out of print. He says he has thousands more titles for sale; fingers crossed he has a load of unplayed 80s NYHC lol.

4) Classic Rock records have just been coming in by the boatload. I feel like Ive paid out thousands and thousands of pounds this week on Rock vinyl. Quite a few collections have come in:

A) 400 70s and 80s LPs from artists like Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Lloyd Cole, Elvis Costello, Hawkwind, Cat Stevens etc

B) about 1000 80s titles, Synth Pop/Indie/Rock from people like The Art Of Noise, Julian Cope, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Felt, The Smiths, The Human League, Spandau Ballet, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Tears For Fears etc. Some more obscure titles too. The collection included a fair few long out of print and slightly pricey titles from Kitchens Of Distinction, Marc Almond and Tony McPhee!

C) About 150 amazing condition Classic Rock and New Wave titles from artists like The Clash, The Vapors, Elvis Costello, The Undertones, Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Devo etc.

D) More bigger name rock LPs from artists like The Cure, The Electric Prunes, The Who, Suicide, The Rolling Stones, Television, The Ruts etc

As a result of buying so much Classic Rock I also refilled all of the bargain vinyl – I probably put out about 150 Cheap (but really good) titles. These have been flying out so get in quick for a bargain!

5) Just the other day I bought a huge pile of really great Bollywood and Indian titles. There are great soundtrack LPs with Indian Disco nuggets as well as traditional Indian Classical music. These are in varied condition but maybe a little nicer than the average Bollywood/Indian collection! There are about 75 titles so these will take a little while to get out in the racks.


6) Saving the wildest Reckless purchase for sometime until last. We bought some super, SUPER rare Apple Acetates from Cat Stevens and Argent. Our in-house Beatles Expert had this to say about them:

“These are 3 of the rarest records we’ve ever had at Reckless – acetates cut in the Beatles’ own mastering room on the top floor of 3 Savile Row aka the Apple building, business HQ and scene, as any fule kno, of their final public performance together in 1969.
The Beatles had a studio in the basement at Savile Row which they would hire out to other bands when not using it themselves, and a production suite on the top floor, overseen by the legendary George “Porky” Peckham, where acetates would be cut for the Fabs and others. In this case, one features a collection of songs by Cat Stevens, some of which were unreleased at the time, and the second comprises 2 one-sided acetates featuring both sides of Argent’s prog banger “Circus”. How rare are theses Apple acetates? Well, in the 30 years that the shop has been open, this is the first time we’ve ever had any for sale. So quite rare, in other words.”
This weeks Top Ten is from Wull from legendary Scottish band The Hollows!
10- the dukes of stratosphear – chips from the chocolate fireball……..this is produced to sound like a 60s record and it f*cking delivers man!! It’s the band XTC doing their own version of sgt pepper and it’s f*cking glorious!!! Look out for the track collideascope, the vocals are amazing!!
9- Ryan Adams – Gold….blew me away when I first heard this, some f*cking gems on this, rich as f*ck writing and his vocals and lyrics are spot on with the times, he’s a f*cking great songwritier, he’s took the “American country” genre to new heights!!! Honourable mention -demolition
8 – black rebel motorcycle club – BRMC……first album, they’ve never been sleazier than this, the f*cking drums alone on “love burns” first track sets the tone of this and as soon as everything comes in it sets you up for a f*cking dirty ride on the rest of the album!! Honourable mention baby 81
7 – the la’s – la’s…….lee mavers is a f*cking genius, 3 minute pop songs at their very best!! I’m actually glad they only ever done 1 album because they done everything on the 1st album!! They leave you wanting more which is in my opinion is just the way to go out!!!
6 – the jam – the gift….I f*cking know….how not all mod cons or setting sons or sound effects….well this was the first jam record I bought and it’s close to my heart, when growing up my da played those aforementioned albums to death and he never played the gift….i love those other records but I always felt as if the gift that piece of my heart!! Ghosts is still in my top 5 tracks of all time!!!
5 – Simon and Garfunkel live at Central Park…… this is an album I’ve had in my ears and on the vhs since I can remember, since then I’ve obviously checked out their albums and I love everyone of them but I don’t know how many nights I’ve had with my uncle Dek and we end up sticking this album on and we sing our f*cking nut of to this gig!! It’s all about that album taking you back to those memories!!!
4 – the Beatles– magical mystery tour…. the very first Beatles record I bought, strawberry fields forever i still listen to this day and find something new, I love the Beatles, every album they have done I love, I picked mmt just for sentimental reasons but I could have had 4 of my top 10 filled with Beatles albums!!!
3 – the coral – the coral…..I seen the coral live in king tuts before their album came out, I went there with zero expectations and by the f*cking sword of he man I was a fan by the 1st f*cking note they played!! I seen them live another 2 times before the album had even hit the shelves, I couldn’t wait on this album coming out!!! Once it did it changed my whole way of songwriting and song structure!! I love this f*cking record, the playing the voice the f*cking scally madness of it!! Love everything about this mob!!! Honourable mention night freak and the sons of Becker!!!
2 – ocean colour scene – Mosley shoals……a f*cking perfect record in my opinion, this album changed my life, every song on this is f*cking huge even the slower more melody driven tunes are higher than the f*cking sun!! It’s my shadow gets a special mention because it’s just f*cking perfection!! This album never tries too hard and it shows, it’s just f*cking genius songwriting, amazing execution on all fronts!! Honourable mention- marchin already…one from the modern!!!
1 – oasis– definitely maybe…..this album changed my f*cking life!!!! Without this I know for a fact I wouldn’t be who I am man!!! I heard this when I was 14 year old and by f*ck it was like a bolt of lightning hitting me and f*cking instantly changed as a human!!! It made me pick up the guitar, it made my whole point of view change on what a f*cking no hoper like me at the time could be!! They came from the same schemes that I was growing up in and gave c*nts like me hope!! I can’t praise oasis enough for what they have done for me!!! Obviously morning glory and be here now would be in my top 3 but I had to change it up a bit haha!!!
Thanks Wull!!! Check out The Hollows here:
Also check this amazing video of The Hollows doing a cover of Born Slippy!

The night of Samhain is round the corner!



Welcome to the ultra spooky Reckless Blog. This week we have been buying loads of Halloween based records. Spoken word LPs from Crowley, hellish sounds from Current 93, the ultimate grandness of 666 by Aphrodites Child; and of course it wouldn’t be halloween without something by The Misfits.

Luckily we had just enough time to buy some other stuff which I will go over below. I have to say right now we have some seriously banging stock. The racks are proper bulging, with loads of killer and interesting records. We really do have something for everyone right now.

Toru just bought the last bit of a massive House / Techno collection. There were about 800 titles in total, some has already come in, but about another 440 came in today. A quick glance at all the boxes and I saw records by Moodymann, Herbert, Mr G, Joe Smooth, Automation, Frankie Knuckles. This is s a pretty killer collection and will be going out ASAP.

DR Alimantado popped in this week; its always a pleasure to see him! We have restocks of all of the LPs he has reissued plus a repress of the killer Greensleeves 12″ “Born For A Purpose”. As luck would have it we also bought in a load of Alimantado the week before – so if you prefer an original – we have them too.

Heavy Metal stormed its way into the fortress Reckless this week. Several decent piles of records came in. We bought in about 20 Black Sabbath LPs last week! Also records by Rainbow, Savatage, Metallica, Scorpions, AC/DC, Van Halen. I am also going to look at 300 Black Metal LPs in South London tomorrow!

We bought in a fair bit of classic Punk this week too. This included a few really rare and expensive LPs from The Stranglers and The Cult. Also lots of different issues of LPs by the Sex Pistols, The Damned and The Clash.

Sean bought a massive collection from someone in North London over the weekend. Its a really decent and varied collection – with lots of cool records!!

  1. Loads of Reggae – a real mix, some pricey, some standard. Pick of the bunch come from Mikey Dread and I Roy.
  2. Loads of Brian Eno (and related, Harold Budd et al). Mostly in really good nick.
  3. African records – including a few really rare ones! Also lots of LPs from India.
  4. Tonnes of really good new wave; Talking Heads, Blondie, Devo, Can (later Can), SPK.
  5. Some heavy 90s LPs from Hole, Nirvana, Suede, Donald Fagen.
  6. Some heavy prog from Steamhammer, Budgie and High Tide.

We also bought in a TOP TEN PUNK classic this week – the amazing “No Town Hall” 45 from Crisis. In a few weeks Tom is putting on the Static Shock weekender (with Punk and Hardcore bands from all round the world). For this we will put out some really nice Punk and Hardcore records so watch this space.

We put even more Japanese records out this week. This will probably be it until Toru gets back over to Japan! Speaking of Toru he has been buying in loads of really nice Jazz, Soul and Funk this week. Lots of rare Euro Jazz; including the usual ECM titles and some more unusual ones. Lots of £30-£50 LPs. All pretty rare. Toru will be joining me to DJ for the Static Shock festival.


Thanks to Will Bankhead for doing the Poster!


I covered for Bahamian Moor on NTS this weekend. You can listen to it here:


This weeks Top Ten is from a real old-school regular! Shaun Whitbourne has been buying records from Reckless for years and DJ’s all the time. He always buys killer records – from Freakbeat to Stomping Soul. Thanks a lot Shaun for giving us a list!!


The Kingstonians “Hold Down”

The Maytals “54-46 Was My Number”

School Boys “Guilty Of Love”

Elgins “Heaven Must Have Sent You”

Sugar Pie Desanto “Soulful Dress”

The Dynamics “Misery”

Small Faces “What You Gonna Do About It”

High Numbers “Zoot Suit”

The Game “Gonna Get Me Someone”

The Action “I’ll Keep Holding On”


Thanks Shaun!!



A Mountain of Vinyl!!

Ciao from Reckless!!!


Some seriously good stuff in this week! Really eclectic too. I’ll go through it all below. Thanks to the man Reggie Dokes for hitting us up with a Top Ten!

This blog was written to the sounds of Sun Ra.

A) I just came  back from a really great collection in deepest South London. A few weeks ago this really nice guy came in with a whole bunch of Lee Perry and Upsetters bits and said he had a load more records for sale. Anyway – I’ve just come back from his house and have a tonne of records with me. It was a really wild mix. Loads of Reggae (all the classic titles, nearly all original issues and in great condition. Classic LPs from Bob Marley, Augustus Pablo, Peter Tosh, Dr Alimantado, The Jolly Boys, Black Uhuru, King Tubby, U Roy, Jah Thomas etc. About 50 really decent Reggae LPs. The rest of the collection was also great. Lots of Henry Cow/Slapp Happy/Here & Now (and a load of solo records. Classic rock from Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, King Crimson. Loads of Canterbury (Soft Machine, Robert Wyatt, Hugh Hopper). Some decent New Wave (Brian Eno, Blondie, Talking Heads). Some nice Avant Garde/Improv (Dashiell Hedayat, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Derek Bailey, Fred Frith). Also lots of Jazz (including some Sun Ra, Stan Tracey, Mike Westbrook), Classical, Blues and Punk. There were also some Diamond Galas cds and some unusual Private Press 45s (Reggae and Punk). Super nice collection – these will be going out ASAP!

B) Another really great collection also came in this week – again really eclectic. This one was also pretty massive and featured lots of Folk music from around the world, Blues, Avant Classical, ECM, Jazz, Experimental, Highlife, Latin, Post Punk etc. You could tell the seller was a friend of the owner or Reckless! Some seriously good records in this collection: John Cage, Willie Colon, Don Cherry, Philip Glass, Ali Akbar Khan, Ali Hassan Kuban, Chet Baker, Archie Shepp, Bernie Wallace etc. This collection was pretty big and will take some time to go out. There was also a lot of Classical in this collection – all across the board but mostly the weird stuff!

C) One of our really regular sellers (and a famous DJ!) sold in a really great bunch of Detroit Techno/Chicago House/UK Techno this week: Terrance Parker, Model 500, Scan 7, Dance Mania, Metroplex, Drexciya. These have been flying out.

D) Also on a Detroit Tip – we bought in a few hundred 12″s of Detroit House/Techno, Rare Tech House, UK Electro, Deep House. Lots of really rare 12″s (keep checking out Instagram to see whats up). Lots of rare ones from Shake Shakir, Callisto, Convextion, The Black Dog, Projam, Autonomy, DJ Rasoul, Underground Resistance, Red Planet. You know the score!!! There a also a few hundred of these that just got cheap stickers whacked on them as they weren’t worth much – but you may find a bargain!

E) We bought in a fairly well used copy of the Counting Crows LP – which has shot up in value. “I can’t say I’m surprised, I love it!” Scott Fergusson.

F) Rare copy of Earl Cunninghams “Don’t Let Me Wait In Vain” on Yellow Vinyl just went out. Killer tune; sampled by Breakage.

G) We got a restock of all of the available titles on the always killer Static Shock Records (run by Tom our CD head honcho). These always sell super quickly. We have the Sheer Mag LP.

H) A whole bunch of classic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock came in on Friday: Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Rush, Scorpions, Def Leppard. Iron Maiden are still one of the greatest bands in the world.


I) Bidddy Bidddy Blip!! Large box of proper Drum & Bass in this week as well. Proper nice condition. Loads of classics. Little big of Jungle in there too; pretty much all post 95 though. Metalheadz, Reinforced, Hospital, Renegade Hardware, Good Looking Records, V, Philly Blunt, Ram. These are all vintage but look like they were just released. I also bought in a decent pile of Drum & Bass/Jungle CDs this week – some of the rarer unmixed Jungle comps, the Torque 2xCD (just one of the gnarliest albums ever – pure darkness), Teebee, DJ Hype, Photek, Source Direct.

J) You never see these in record shops but for some reason we get these in every now and then: another full run of Bandulu screen printed sleeves. Hefty Bristol Grime/Dubsteap from Kahn & Neek, Gemmy, Boofy etc. Wheel up selector!

K) A HUGEEE pile of Manga/Anime Soundtrack LPs (we also have a load of 45s to go out too) will be going out in the next few days. Some of these go for a fair bit of wonga.

L) Teenage Fanclub are an amazing band. It doesn’t really get much better than cracking open a can and cycling down a hill listening to Bandwagonesque. We put out nearly all of there records yesterday.

Loads more due in – wicked.

This week we are blessed with a Top Ten from the almighty Reggie Dokes!!!



1. The Ramsey Lewis Trio
Bach To The Blues
2. Claudja Burry
Boogie Woogie Dancin Shoes
label: Chrysalis
3. GQ
Disco Nights
label: Arista
4. Peter Brown
They Only Come Out At Night
12 inch
label: Columbia
5. Pattie Brooks
Our Ms Brooks
label: Casablanca
6. George Benson
label: Warner Brother Records
7. Introducing Jonathan Butler
label: Jive/Arista
8. Ray Charles
A Man And His Soul
label: ABC Records
9. Peter Brown
Baby Gets High
label: RCA
10. The Detroit Sex Machines
The Funky Crawl
label: NowAgain Records
Thanks Reggie!!! Big fan right here!!!

It Never Stops!!!

Yo from Reckless!!!


Busy week. This is whats been coming in:

Grunge and 90s Metal Vinyl: We had a few people come in this week with tonnes of really cool 90s stuff. Some records you really don’t see much at all. We had original issues of records from Tool, Oasis, Anthrax, Beck, Faith No More, Nirvana, The Fall, Mark Lanegan, Smashing Pumpkins, Happy Mondays, Straneglove, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Blind Melon and many more. Loads of these albums have been reissued – some quite well – but none will beat the original issues!


45s: Lots of 7″s have gone out this week. Some really nice 7″ box sets too from Cream and Sun Ra. Plenty of nice Indie singles went out, some pretty rare ones too! I bought in about 8 Palace 45s this week – these are all so good. Plenty of Punk singles have gone out too – including a whole lot of Hardcore stuff.

Big Collection: the Rock side are just finishing off the huge collection I bought – but the dance side still have loads left to process. From this collection this week we have put out some really nice original Radiohead records, huge box sets from Dinosaur L, Red House Painters, Numero Records and some Vinyl On Demand kosmiche box sets.

Dubstep: we have been buying in boatloads of clean Dubstep. From DMZ to Skream to Burial. It seems the guy who’s selling it all in barely played anything so they are as crisp as you like (and priced to sell…).

Disco: A load of Disco 12:s are going out this week. Lots of Salsoul, Westend etc as well as classics from Gordons War and Greg Henderson.

Old Skool: Some serious Drum n Bass/Jungle/Hardcore 12″s went out this week. Most of it sold in under an hour. Titles from LTJ Bukem, Randall, Andy C, Run Tings, Bad Influence, Skanna and many more.

Classic Rock: Loads of Classic Rock has come in and gone out this week. Lots of really nice copies of LPs (originals, 80s issues, new reissues) from artists like Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Wishbone Ash, Black Sabbath. Some fairly nice originals on some rarer prog titles too (that all went straight on the wall!).

Jazz: Heavy amounts of Jazz have come in this week. Lots of Blue Notes, Pharaoh Sanders, early ECM, John Coltrane, Alice Coltrane. Some really cool records actually, unusual to get so much in one week. I think we bought about 200 decent Jazz records this week! There were also some really nice Brazilian titles in these collections (that have all gone out). On a CD tip we also bought in hundreds of Jazz cds this week – lots of great ones actually. These are flying out!

Moby: Two signed Moby original LPs went out this week!

US Indie/Hardcore: Bazillions of wicked Indie/Experimental/Hardcore records also came in this week. Some choice titles from: Void, Suicide, Palace, Smog, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Tom Waits, The Seeds, Kraftwerk, Sex Pistols, Slint, My Bloody Valentine. These have nearly all gone out now! There was also a gnarly batch of LPs from Bulldozer, Nightmare, Slang, GBH, Venom etc.

Rock/Pop: Some very rare (and expensive) original issues of big major artists like Keane, Goldfrapp, Ed Harcourt, Glasvegas etc also came in this week. Some of the cheaper titles sold pretty quickly but we still have some of them. They are in lovely condition!

Guardian Angel: we are just about to put out a copy of the super rare Guardian Angel LP out. An excellent Reggae/Funk/Lovers LP that never turns up.

All of the reductions are done throughout the shop now so now is the time to check the bargain section as it is fully stocked!!!

Plenty more collections coming up this week – lets see what happens!

This weeks Top Ten is from the almighty Jesus from Me Saco Un Ojo Records one of the best Metal labels!!! Thanks Jesus!!


UNDERANG – Misantropologi LP
SPECTRAL VOICE – Eroded Corridors of Unbeing LP
PERVERTED CEREMONY – Sabbat of Behezaël LP
ASCENDED DEAD – Abhorrent Manifestation LP
INSURGENCY – Militant Death Cult MLP
ENSNARED – Dysangelium LP
OCCVLTA – Night Without End LP
EVIL – Rites Of Evil LP
MOENOS – Call From The Grave DEMO


From The Beatles to Barrington Levy!

Hello from reckless!! It’s been a mad start to the month so far; with crazy sales and a huge amount of buying – and its all been bad boy material! I’m gonna talk you through it below. This blog was written to the sounds of Sema.

So to start things off we bought a (pretty much as new) Mono box from the Beatles. This huge box set is pretty special; and features a load of their albums in mono (which many say is the best way to hear them). It comes with a really nice book (this ones sealed) and the packaging is super nice. Here is a very in-depth article about this box set:


(We also bought in a really nice copy of The White Album).

One of our regular sellers (and someone I’ve known for nearly 20 years!) brought in a huge pile of top drawer reggae CDs. Tonnes of well out of print comps, classic albums with bonus tracks, unreleased dub sets, rocksteady anthologies. Everything you could possibly want from artists like; Barrington Levy, Alton Ellis, Prince Buster, Joe Gibbs, Sylford Walker, Glenn Brown, Yabby You, Tapper Zukie etc. These are flying out the door.


Keeping it reggae; I just bought in 30 super 45s. Mixture of UK and JA pressings. Lots of killer tunes; Dennis Brown, The Ethiopians, Niney, Capleton, The Wailers. Mostly super clean.

Lastly on the reggae front we just bought in four great Lee Perry LPs, all super nice condition (apart from one Upsetters which plays better than it looks!). This is the start of a big collection; fingers crossed it works out!

Huge jazz collection came our way on Saturday. Bit of blues in there too but mostly classic jazz. A few Blue Notes in there; mostly semi standard but very clean. Some rarer UK titles (Stan Tracey, Tubby Hayes) as well as some UK pressed Latin titles.

We also had a load more Jazz come in with some funk, rare groove, soul and breaks. There were some really rare Blue Notes, Cymande, Roy Ayers, Oliver Lake, Johnny Hammond etc. Lovely stuff.

Bucketloads of Psych reissues also came in this week. There were some titles on the excellent EM records, some monster rare US Psych, French Prog. It’s all a bit overwhelming to be honest.

Plenty of Nu Psych and Indie coming in too; The Heads, The Beta Band, The Bevis Frond.

Large pile of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock also came in; lots of comps (one with Nihilist on!), Black Sabbath (some super clean UK ogs), plenty of under the radar US hair rock that I’ve never heard of that is pretty rare. There were also a few rare NWOBHM 45s that went out.

The biggest thing we’ve done all week so far though is the reductions. Not that much stuff got pulled this quarter so I think that’s a good sign that we price stuff right; but there are certainly still many bargains to be had right now.

We restocked the awesome Tote Bags!!


We now stock Oasis reissue LPs, which makes sense seeing as the shop is on the cover of What’s The Story.


The weekend is looking a bit quiet for the staff at reckless gigwise (apart from Kenny obviously who has two dj things in London this weekend!). Which I am very happy about as Scott and me have gone sober for October to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research! Please donate!

This week we have a Top Ten from one of our favourite customers and superstar DJ the main man Danny Howells!!!


1) Irresistible Bitch – in my opinion the first utterly essential Prince B-side. The man at his stripped down, funkiest best, and easily as good as anything on the 1999 album.
2) 17 Days – not just one of his best flip sides but one of his best tracks ever. MONSTER bass line.
3) Erotic City – needs little introduction as it’s one of his best known songs. And another stripped down dirty mutha of a tune.
4) She’s Always In My Hair – took me years to really appreciate this one, but now it’s probably my favourite b-side, and one of my all time favourite Prince songs.
5) Hello – has to be the 12″ version of this .. one of the few times Prince got really autobiographical in his lyrics, this song tells his version of the USA for Africa controversy and is a climactic slice of genius.
6) La, La, La, He, He, Hee – again, needs to be the 12″ for the full 10 minute insanity. Woof!
7) Housequake (7 Minutes Mo’Quake) – largely instrumental, jazzed out extension of the SoTT classic. Another total gem.
8) Scarlet Pussy – atmospheric and stripped, totally P-funky.
9) Alphabet St (This Is Not Music, This Is A Trip) – dub mix of Alphabet St, again (and as with all of these!) it needs to be the full strength 12″ JAM!!
10) Feel U Up – absolutely pisses all over the ghastly “Partyman”, which was the A-side. From the aborted Camille album hence pitched up vocals galore. Cheers!
Thanks Danny!!!

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